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Didn’t expect to meet someone taller

The eunuch – One who has the ability to manipulate the court

It can be said that eunuchs were a group of people who played a very important role in many feudal dynasties. In the harem, the eunuch is the person who interacts with and is with the emperor the most. In many cases, eunuchs who had the emperor’s trust were even able to contribute ideas to the government. However, in China’s feudal history, many eunuchs knew how to use their ingenuity to seize power, sending the court and society into chaos.

The book “Tu Tri Thong Giam” recorded nearly 100 hundred years of the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the dynasty witnessed many events that were decisive to the “survival” of the dynasty.

At that time, the foreign force grew, the king was forced to rely on the eunuch force because he thought that they were the only group of his close people, causing everything to become out of control. In the end, the Eastern Han Dynasty was destroyed.

The fake eunuch just put a fool on the throne to manipulate: Didn't expect to meet someone with a higher hand - Photo 1.

Many eunuchs know how to use their ingenuity to seize power in the court. (Photo: Baidu)

Or how can we not mention the great eunuch Wei Trung Hien, who caused the serious decline of the Ming dynasty and led to its destruction. Although Wei Trung Hien was illiterate, he got the love of Khach Thi (the king’s foster nurse) based on flattery words. Under the support of the Khach Thi, Wei Trung Hien had the same authority as the Prime Minister (although the Ming Dynasty abolished this position).

Later, Wei Trung Hien was ordered by the king to run the Dong Workshop, the stronger the power, the court cabinet became his subordinates, they scrambled to call him grandfather and father. Even, Wei Trung Hien claimed to be the Nine Hundred Years Old. The people of the Ming Dynasty at that time also raised a movement to be loyal to the Nine Hundred Years. In their eyes there has long been no king.

However, few people know that, in the Tang Dynasty, there was a eunuch who dared to “did” in choosing the successor to the throne. This man took advantage of his position in the palace to forge the king’s decree and put his chosen one on the throne. Who is this eunuch to be so bold?

Falling into a trap set by yourself

That was the eunuch Ma Nguyen Chi. At the end of 845, Emperor Wuzong became seriously ill and then became unable to speak, and Ma Yuanzhi wanted to take this opportunity to manipulate the court. Ma Nguyen Chi cooperated with prime minister Ly Duc Du to choose a puppet emperor. The person he targeted was Quang Vuong Ly Di (later King Duong Tuyen Tong). Ly Di was the uncle of Duong Van Tong and Duong Vu Tong.

Ly Di was the 13th prince of Duong Hien Tong Ly Thuan. Since childhood, Ly Di, because of a serious illness, often appeared shy and quiet, so people considered him to be mentally undeveloped. In the year of Truong Khanh in the reign of brother Duong Muc Tong Ly Hang, there was a royal decree for the princes and brothers, Ly Di was conferred the title of Quang Vuong.

The eunuchs only put fools on the throne to manipulate: Didn't expect to meet someone with a higher hand - Photo 2.

The eunuch thought he could raise the ignorant to become a puppet king who suspected he had been tricked. (Photo: Baidu)

As an adult, Quang Vuong always avoided the official affairs of the court. He often hides in his residence, does not participate in anything, so he is even more despised by the people in the palace. Ma Nguyen Chi and Ly Duc Du both thought that Quang Vuong was ignorant, so they decided to choose him as the new emperor. Ma Nguyen Chi forged the edict of Duong Vu Tong recognizing Quang Vuong as a virtuous person, making him the royal uncle and in charge of the government. On the day Ly Di ascended to the throne, the people and the officials all lamented that the Tang Dynasty had fallen into the hands of an ignorant person.

After making Ly Di the king, Ma Nguyen Chi and Ly Duc Du were very happy, they also held a party to celebrate this event and prepared plans for their future. Royal uncle Ly Di was welcomed into the palace and renamed Ly Tham. However, contrary to the expectations of the Ma Nguyen Chi and Ly Duc Du groups, When the official came to the audience, the royal uncle immediately became a different person. He proved to be smarter than people, decisive and quick to make people respect. After that, he called himself Duong Tuyen Tong.

Under Tang Xuanzong, the Dai Tang dynasty enjoyed a brief period of prosperity at the end of the Tang period known as the temporary reign of Dai Trung. In history books, Duong Tuyen Tong is recorded as a renaissance emperor, compared to Duong Thai Tong Ly The Dan. He is also known as Tieu Thai Tong.

As for the eunuch Ma Nguyen Chi and prime minister Ly Duc Du, after Ly Di officially ascended the throne, the first thing he did was order to investigate these two people. Ma Nguyen Chi was arrested and executed, Ly Duc Du was removed from the position of prime minister. To the surprise of the two, Ly Di “removed the mask” of pretending to be stupid for 37 years and painfully caused them to “trap” their own.

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