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Discovering the 2-sided planet “hell”, the rock evaporates every sunset-Information Technology

Friday, April 8, 2022 19:50 PM (GMT+7)

Data from NASA/ESA’s Hubble Telescope continues to reveal two more “hell” planets, whose environments and climates are crazier than any planet in the fantasy movie.

The first planet revealed in a new publication in Nature, named WASP-178b, is a super-fast hot Jupiter located 1,300 light-years away in the constellation Lupus.

According to Sci-News, a research team led by Dr. David Sing from John Hopkins University (USA) discovered that this planet has two completely different sides, because it is “locked” to the parent star, like the way the Moon is locked with the Earth, always pointing to “mother” only one side.

Discovered the 2-sided planet "hell", the rock evaporates every sunset - 1

Artist’s graphic image of a “hot Jupiter”, a gaseous exoplanet as large as Jupiter and hot because it is so close to its parent star – Photo: NASA/ESA/LEAH HUSTAK, STScI

On the daytime side, WASP-178b’s atmosphere is cloudless and enriched with silicon monoxide (SiO), which on Earth must be crystalline. But the day on this planet is so hot that it vaporizes.

On the eternal night side, SiO “cools” a bit, so it condenses hailstones, which fall continuously. Not to mention this side, there are tornadoes raging continuously with super typhoon speed (3,219 km/h).

But at dawn and dusk on the night side, the slightly warmer temperatures help the rock piles from the rains evaporate, which then continue to condense into clouds, causing rain in the same way water circulates on Earth.

The second planet is a hot Jupiter named KELT-20b, featured in the Astrophysical Journal Letters, located 400 light-years away in the constellation Cygnus.

On this planet, the parent star’s ultraviolet bursts are creating a layer of heat in the atmosphere, heating up metals that are in a state of vaporization, making this already hot planet a hot planet. real prison.

Dr. Guangwei Fu, an astronomer from the University of Maryland at College Park (USA), said this is the first evidence of a planet directly affected by its parent star’s atmosphere.

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