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Europe will be unstable if Finland and Sweden join NATO

According to Reuters Russia reported on April 11 that the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO would not bring stability to Europe and increase tensions between the two sides.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: “We have repeatedly reiterated that this alliance is an instrument for confrontation, and that its expansion will not bring stability to Europe.”

Russia: Europe will be unstable if Finland and Sweden join NATO - 1

Russia warns that Finland and Sweden joining NATO will not bring stability to Europe. (Illustration)

Earlier, a senior US State Department official said the possibility of Finland and Sweden joining NATO was being discussed by foreign ministers of the alliance member countries in Brussels. According to the Times, Finland is expected to apply to join NATO in June 2022, and Sweden will follow suit.

Sources of Times also said the Finnish and Swedish governments are working to reach a domestic consensus on the issue of joining NATO. A final decision will be made in the near future.

In addition, both Sweden and Finland are boosting defense spending. Military officials in Helsinki have announced plans to purchase 14 million euros ($15.2 million) worth of drones for the Finnish military. Sweden said it would increase defense spending by 3 billion kronas ($317 million) by 2022.

Russia has always expressed a desire for assurances from Western countries that NATO will not expand eastward, but NATO disagrees with this proposal. In the midst of controversy over Ukraine’s ability to become a NATO member, Moscow launched a “special military operation” in the country on February 24.

After several rounds of negotiations aimed at resolving the conflict, Ukraine is said to have offered to apply neutrality status in exchange for security guarantees. The proposal means that Kiev will not join military alliances or allow military bases in the country.

However, with the complicated situation on the battlefield, the two sides have yet to come to an agreement.

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