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Every time she wears a neon-colored outfit, she “auto” shines and stands out

Vibrant neon outfits will liven up your entire wardrobe. If you want to express your personality and are not afraid to experiment with new styles, this is an indispensable item in street style.

Neon outfits definitely have a place in this year’s summer fashion trends. However, how to combine colors, choose accessories or dress styles… are still things you need to learn to achieve sophistication and fashion when choosing this style.

neon green

Beyoncé is full of temperament in an asymmetrical slit mini dress with feather details, the most expensive and noticeable point is a million-dollar emerald diamond jewelry set.

Wearing an elegant green suit combined with vibrant orange accessories such as high heel sandals, baguette bags will definitely bring a more modern image to office ladies.

The green neon color also crept into beachwear and model wear bikini With this eye-catching color, you will definitely be the most outstanding girl on the beach.

Every time she wears a neon-colored outfit, she

Modern, luxurious and full of sophistication so monochrome style Not only favored by fashionistas but also considered one of the immortal trends of the fashion industry.

neon pink

Wearing a hot pink “whole tree” like reality TV star Kim Kardashian, you will shine both literally and figuratively.

Every time she wears a neon-colored outfit, she

On hot summer days, wearing sweet pink outfits like this will make your look even hotter than the sun.

Every time she wears a neon-colored outfit, she

Combining them with green makes for an interesting and eye-catching duo.

neon blue

Neon blue seems to be a rather “picky” color because they are most suitable for those who own bright white skin, and if not, you are easy to be “dumb” when wearing this tone.

Every time she wears a neon-colored outfit, she

Go beyond your comfort zone and try your hand at this type of “dressing up”, you can create an impression with a “unique” fashion personality.

Blending neon palettes together

The shades of green + neon pink are a visually stimulating duo that can create beautiful sets for your novelty style.

Playful and sweet down the street with a combination of pale pink and green Mild.

If you love colorful and colorful fashion, you can immediately learn how Italian girl Viktoria Bogodist mixes clothes – a famous fashion blogger with this style.

These neon color outfit Glow will be a breakthrough in your old fashion style, because not only do they bring outstanding effects, but they also show the most clearly your own fashion sense and “quality”.

By: Lofficiel, Cosmopolitan

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