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Express your personality, thank you for being born!

Tippy tattooed to increase her charm and personality

In the village streamer Vietnam has many girls with tattoos, but the number is as large as Tippy no one can compare. Having been a key member of The Queen team, contacting and meeting this female streamer, the opposite person will definitely be surprised when Tippy’s body has many strange and cool tattoos.

Revealing why female streamers are

No need to own a V-line face or a tall vertical nose, Tippy still impresses her followers through her white skin and cool tattoos all over her body. These tattoos are the outstanding and easily identifiable features of this girl.

For Tippy, these tattoos both help her add charm and personality. Possessing a petite appearance, Tippy still knows how to highlight her style with many impressive tattoos.

Revealing why female streamers are

She has quite a lot of tattoos such as a large diamond on the neck, an innovative rose, 3 tattoos on her thigh… but the most prominent one is her own tattoo with a cat on her arm. She is extremely passionate about cats, so it is not strange to have this animal tattooed on her hand.

Not “forgive” much, wife Xemesis owns 2 tattoos, each of which has a meaning, along with stories associated with hot girls.

Revealing why female streamers are

The first tattoo was at the age of 15, when she encountered many problems, so she decided to engrave a picture on herself to encourage herself to live a better life. When my parents learned about the mango tattoo, they were very sad. Then she decided to tattoo the birth year of her birth on her chest to remind herself to love, not to bother her parents any more.

In addition, the streamer wife of the Four Emperors also reminded young people who are intending to get a tattoo: “Tattoos are easy to tattoo, but it’s painful to remove, so if you intend to get a tattoo, think carefully before getting a tattoo. Mangoes are real. Mangoes are not recommended for you to tattoo when you’re too young, fear not thinking. It’s hard to regret doing anything later.”

Tattooing 3 pictures at once, Thao Nari chose a lovely picture

Thao Nari is one of the beautiful Lien Quan streamers loved by young Vietnamese. I don’t know if it’s her capital to build a gentle, lovely image, but even to “forgive” her memories, she also chooses cute and lovely tattoos.

Revealing why female streamers are

Accordingly, she recently revealed that, although she had planned to get a tattoo for a long time, but hesitated until now, she decided to “play big” with tattooing 3 pictures at once. color tattoo, petite, lovely colors: white bunny, strawberry tree and cherry shape.

She revealed that she only likes cute mini-figures, so the size and shape of these 3 models are exactly as the owner’s wishes. Besides, Thao Nari also revealed that these are the first impressions, perhaps the female streamer will tattoo a few more pictures in the future.

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