Fans are angry at the way Dong Nhi team works

Many “hard” fans of Dong Nhi simultaneously voiced their dissatisfaction with the way the female singer’s team worked.

Recently, a large fanpage of Dong Nhi Posted discussion topic: “Can you give me some advice for Dong Nhi’s team in this comeback?”.

The post immediately attracted hundreds of comments below, and it can be seen that many fans are disgruntled and critical of the way Dong Nhi team and 6thSense Entertainment company work.

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Topic created many controversial opinions from a large number of Dong Nhi fans

A lot of criticisms are quite heavy for the crew working with Dong Nhi about the lack of professionalism, affecting the image of the female singer.

Many Dong Nhi fans expressed their frustration about the confusing product PR plan that did not create the desired effect,…

Fans even pointed out that Dong Nhi’s team refused to change the avatar and banner on YouTube, still keeping the product launched a few years ago.

Fans are upset about the way Dong Nhi team works-2Fans are angry at the way Dong Nhi team 3 works

Many comments also criticized the design for Dong Nhi’s upcoming comeback product – My Eyes Are Sorrowful – and said that “is no different from pirated CDs of 5k / 1 from the time of Bubble Princess”.

The comments also asked the team to change the designer to match a great artist like Dong Nhi, and even criticized Ong Cao Thang as the head of 6thSense Entertainment.

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The cover of Dong Nhi’s new single was criticized as the “piracy CD” of the past

– Before mass stream MV, audio, can we mass report the managers? To replace the thumb for you. Mass report nick brother Thang for me to fire the PR department, but doing business like this, 10 Winnie’s sister can’t save even though the music is good!

– With that, can you please change your avatar and cover photo on all your social sites? What’s with such a basic thing for fans to mention? The new song’s teaser has already been released, but YouTube still has it when I’m a mom, what is it, ekip?

– I think you should turn the assistants down to fans, I see that you H. something is more supportive than the manager, and the manager even accepts the job. No wonder Winnie can’t remember the name to call!

This is not the first time there has been a conflict between Dong Nhi fanclub and the team working with her. Before that, a large part of Dong Nhi fans often spoke out criticizing the work of associates around the idol.

The climax was the wave of “boycott”, putting pressure on musician Do Hieu when many fans believed that the musician’s long-term companionship with Dong Nhi made music Hers became one color, safe and lacking in breakouts.

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