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Finally, Dilraba has the most suitable historical role

Ji Yunhe’s character Emperor Le Nhiet Ba praised by the audience for her increasingly improved acting and excellent beauty. From the role Feng Jiu (film Three Births Three Worlds Decades Peach Blossom), Ly Truong Ca (film Truong Ca Hanh) to Ky Van Hoa, the actress finally got the most appropriate historical role.

According to the content of the film, Ky Van Hoa is a beautiful and talented female demon master of Van Hoa Coc, but in fact she carries a pitiful fate. Pursuing freedom is Ky Van Hoa’s biggest goal, falling in love is just secondary. It was this incident that made King of Confidentiality It’s different from many other epic movies.

Ky Van Hoa’s love for Italian School not because he is the main male lead, but because of the co-morbidity of the weak and also because both of them long for good things.

From the role of Phuong Cuu, Ly Truong Ca to Ky Van Hoa, Dich Le Nhiet Ba finally got the most suitable historical role - Photo 1.

The male character is protected, the female character is mature and strong, this way of building a character is not common in previous fairy tales. In the past, whether it was an episode of sacrifice to save people or protecting others, all belonged to the male lead, but in Ngu Giao Ky, everything was done by the female lead.

Ky Van Hoa has her own life purpose, she opposes fate, and at the same time suffers the injustice and cruelty of fate. And it’s surprising that this character really suits the image of Dilraba Dil. The actress is highly appreciated for her appearance and attractive beauty. But, being beautiful is only part of it.

In addition to her outstanding beauty, the public always expects the actress to perform the roles of “powerful”, stronger and more assertive. However, in the past, Dich Le Nhiet Ba almost always took on lovable characters such as Cao Van, Phuong Cuu, Ly Hue Tran, and Kieu Tinh Tinh. Therefore, Ky Van Hoa is a step forward in the career of this Xinjiang beauty. No more cute, no more stupid, just strength and resilience.

From the role of Phuong Cuu, Ly Truong Ca to Ky Van Hoa, Dich Le Nhiet Ba finally got the most suitable historical role - Photo 2.

Although Ly Truong Ca is also a strong character, it is not the same as Ky Van Hoa. Her starting point was very high, as a princess of the Tang Dynasty, she wanted to take revenge and kill Ly The Dan, that was “great cause”. Not only that, the male and female leads in Truong Ca Hanh are a strong couple, which means that the male and female leads are both very strong.

As for the male lead of Ngu Giao Ky, from the very beginning, he was a weak and naive character, so the strength of Ky Van Hoa was portrayed even more boldly.

In addition, from the movie Lies Fire like Ca to Truong Ca Hanh, many people commented that Dich Le Nhiet Ba did not match the historical image. But in Ngu Giao Ky, it’s different, the character’s shape is very suitable for the appearance of the actress. Shaping the hair is not too fussy, just simple buns and accessories. Costumes are mainly dark colors, suitable for the character’s steadfast personality and low status.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba’s acting ability in Ngu Giao Ky was also evaluated more positively. She did a good job in expressing the personality of her character and even had some pretty subtle acting segments. It can be said that after Phuong Cuu, Dich Le Nhiet Ba finally met a suitable historical character.

From the role of Phuong Cuu, Ly Truong Ca to Ky Van Hoa, Dich Le Nhiet Ba finally got the most suitable historical role - Photo 3.

The scene was highly appreciated for Dilraba’s delicate acting.

In recent years, the big problem of small flowers is “transformation”. They always want to change the image in the public mind, but not everyone succeeds. The way to “transform” is mainly through acting in many different genres of movies and the purpose of this “transformation” is to get the audience’s recognition.

However, “transformation” is not an overnight thing, nor is it simply that stopping acting in idol dramas is a successful “transformation”. The most important thing is always the acting, the characters and the script. If an actor gets the right role right in an idol drama, that’s definitely a good start. vai-dien-co-trang-thich-hop-nhat-20220408004654119.chn

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