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Ford Vietnam issues QVM certificate for converted cars

Monday, 11/04/2022 10:00 AM (GMT+7)

Ford develops a process for and supports Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) certified and qualified convertors.

In order to help businesses convert vehicles to comply with design, safety and quality standards when converting on the manufacturer’s vehicle platform. This certification is part of a comprehensive technical assessment program, which is required annually to ensure that all of the certificate recipients’ converted vehicle products meet certain production standards. and quality control.

Acquiring QVM certification not only makes an important contribution to helping car conversion companies build their reputation in the market, but also opens up many new business opportunities, exploiting development potentials for units when becoming Ford partner.

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Implemented in the late 80s, then expanded to Europe and Asia Pacific, the QVM program has become a “de facto standard” in the vehicle modification industry in North America. Many car tuners have considered certification from the Ford QVM as a requirement to increase their competitive advantage in the market.

In Vietnam, the converted car market is witnessing constant changes as the number of businesses wishing to renovate their vehicles to optimize the customer experience is increasing day by day. To be accredited by QVM, vehicle conversion units must meet strict standards of manufacturing processes and quality control measures, a commitment to continuous improvement, customer support systems, and more. ..

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The application process for QVM consists of 3 stages. In the first phase, the QVM Technical Office will review the application file including product information and requirements, as well as relevant analysis from the vehicle conversion units, and then conduct FMVSS and analysis. provide preliminary assessments. Next, QVM and the candidate will sign a confidentiality agreement between the two parties before entering the facility inspection phase, performed by a team of experienced Ford Motor engineers.

In phase 3, vehicle conversion units will sign a commitment to ensure full compliance with the requirements with QVM and must undergo a 1-year testing period before officially receiving the QVM Certificate. However, after obtaining the certificate, units still have to carry out an annual audit under the QVM team to ensure the quality of their converted products.

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Since its inception, many car convertors have received QVM certification and continue to maintain long-term operations as a reliable partner of Ford. Highlights in the world conversion market can include improvement Ford Ranger converted into an ambulance or mobile storage vehicle, modified Everest into a vehicle for transporting cash and valuables, E-series vehicle, Transit into ambulance, laboratory storage vehicle, F- series into military vehicles, police cars…

It can be seen that the development potential of conversion units when being certified as a member of QVM is very large, because not only is an accrediting agency, QVM also brings important values ​​in confirming Determine the name of the vehicle conversion units.

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Once certified from the QVM, the conversion units will receive support from leading Ford experts in product development, production control and relevant technical information such as: A set of instructions for installing bodywork and equipment on the body, CAD (Computer-Aided Drafting) drawings illustrating vehicle details for product development and quality control, thereby helping them to deliver high quality products and reinforce the trust and peace of mind for customers

Besides, QVM certification also helps to improve the position of business units, increasing competitiveness in the market. Converted garages participating in QVM will also be recognized as official Ford partners, guaranteed by Ford for product quality as well as increased vehicle warranty benefits for buyers. This will make member units a top priority for customers as they weigh their options in the ever-expanding convertible car market.

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In addition, in Ford’s future plans in ASEAN, QVM qualified units and their products will be featured on Ford’s official website and have the opportunity to display these products at a number of locations. dealer selected by Ford (depending on the market).

From a rigorous inspection process with strict requirements, QVM Certification is considered as a standard measure for conversion car manufacturers and dealers, thereby creating trust between customers, users and customers. driver and producer.

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