Full facilities to eat and sleep with the game

Admit it! Even if you want to spend hours and hours playing games, there comes a time when you need a nap. Many people choose to take a nap right in the normal swivel chair to fight fires, but it will have terrible consequences for your lower back and brain. Understanding the worries of gamers, Japan’s Bauhutte recently launched a bed with a motor that automatically lifts and lowers according to the user’s liking.

Japanese gaming bed: fully equipped to eat and sleep with the game - Photo 1.

In the midst of a competitive furniture market with big names like IKEA, Herman Miller, Bauhutte is definitely not a famous brand. However, for the gaming community interested in gaming accessories or those who often work on computers, this is a very popular company.

With Bauhutte’s ecosystem, all gamers’ needs are placed “right within reach”, from mini-fridges to beds. Currently, the company does not have a complete sanitary ware in the ecosystem but they are actively working on it.

Exquisite gaming chair in Japan

The Bauhutte electric gaming bed looks like a more compact version of the adjustable beds for the elderly. This device has two mechanisms to support the user’s torso elevation, the first is a backrest that can be raised up to a 60 degree angle and a footrest that can be raised up to 35 degrees. The product was born to reduce the time between sleeping and playing games.

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