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Guests littered the villa indiscriminately, the cleaning staff also showed an attitude that made everyone unhappy

Tourists flock to crowded holidays to help hotels and resorts make money. But hotel owners, room staff also encounter many unpleasant things from tourists. Recently on a tourism group, a villa staff in Da Nang was upset because guests ate and drank indiscriminately in the room without cleaning, leaving a huge pile of garbage.

Unbelievably messy image from a villa

The owner of the article shared: “No matter how I stay at home and eat and drink, even if I rent a villa, I should eat like that, even if someone cleans and collects the cleaning fee, I should tidy it up for the people who clean it, not guests like this. When we meet the booker again, we’ll take the skirt and run for 3 souls and 7 lives”. She also said that guests were determined not to pay the cleaning surcharge, so she had to share the story on social networks.

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Unfortunately, cases like this are not uncommon. Especially in the form of homestay and villa, when guests cook and eat in the room themselves.

The image of guests staying in dirty, littering places has been shared by homestays in Vung Tau, Da Lat

Netizens could not help but shake their heads in disgust at the consciousness of a part of tourists. Whether the villa has a cleaning policy or not, keeping the place neat and clean is the minimum. Some people also recommend that villas and hotels require guests to sign a contract or deposit a cleaning fee before checking in.

– Have money to travel but forget to bring consciousness.

– Consciousness is too low. I went to the hotel to sleep and cleaned up the trash by myself. Folded blankets. Check-out like when renting.

– Modern people live like forest people.

– Horrible, this group of guests must have a dirty family life, travel also carry that habit.

– It’s all about consciousness. As clean as I am at home, I have to keep it clean when I go to another place. Even paying an extra cleaning fee, but putting it out like this shows human nature.

Ordinary people, having a little sense, can’t show that pile of rubbish.

It’s so hard to do customer service like this.

– Get extra cleaning money right from the start. Clean check out pay for cleaning. Check out like this, take it all away.

– If renting, you should have a room deposit to deduct such cases.

The source: Nguyen Tam

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