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Husband listens to about 15 calls a day from her stork

When we went to buy land, my wife and I met a 45-year-old realtor. Her husband commented that she was honest, unlike other brokers.

My wife and I are 36 years old. Maybe because he “exploded” she thought he was very rich. She called him all day, every time I heard it, the beginning of the story was the introduction of the land. There is a piece of land she calls my husband even though we bought it through her broker. On average, she has to make 15 calls a day, each talk takes a long time. He is famous for his loud and horizontal speech, but when he talks to her, he shows psychology and understanding. I saw that she called a lot while I already bought it and couldn’t afford it anymore, so I asked her husband why he had to talk so much. He said he had said it wrongly, just to learn from it slowly. I don’t care any more.

>> My wife and I talk for no more than five minutes every day

Last night, he sat outside on the balcony talking to his sister, when he saw me holding the child out, he turned off the speaker and hung up the phone. I think nothing. He immediately called back, without turning on the speaker, I jokingly said that to listen, he quickly turned off the phone, his face changed. I had doubts in my heart, I didn’t know what the story they told was so secret. I think she is also a stranger, has only known her for a month, but has no secret to hide from her. I asked like that, he told her to confide in private, only he could hear.

I felt exasperated, thinking what they might say. Please add, before her husband promised to buy land or not, he still gave her a brokerage fee. My inner self was left to the skin, I couldn’t stand his attitude, so that night I loudly said: “What do you two mean? Between a man and a woman, if you talk delicately, how should you understand”. My husband told me I had no brain and criticized me for being inferior. Looking forward to receiving your thoughts and sharing. Sincerely thank.


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