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International expert: Vietnam is a model for attracting investment

Although the world economy is still unstable, the flow of foreign investment in Vietnam The first quarter of this year is still estimated to reach more than 4.4 billion USD, up 7.8% over the same period. This is the highest level of the first quarter in the past 5 years.

To describe Vietnam’s investment environment, many international articles have used words such as: “A place to keep investors”, “one of the hottest markets” or “safe haven” of Vietnam. the investors.

Page CNBC gave the opinion of analysts from Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase Asset Management that the three hottest markets in Southeast Asia are Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.

International experts: Vietnam is a model for attracting investment - Photo 1.

Foreign investment inflows into Vietnam in the first quarter of 2022 were estimated at more than 4.4 billion USD, up 7.8% over the same period. (Illustration image – Photo: Investment Newspaper)

“Vietnam is one of the few economies in the world that has maintained a positive growth rate during the pandemic,” said Desmond Loh, portfolio manager at JPMorgan Asset Management.

Also in early April, the news agency Bloomberg of the US published an article: “Vietnamese stocks gradually become a haven for investors”. The article analyzed that: “The potential of Vietnam’s stock market comes from the reopening of trade and tourism, positive economic growth, and growth in corporate income.”

Referring to foreign direct investment in Vietnam, page WangYi of China published an article with the title: “Vietnam “retains” foreign investors”.

The article further analyzes: “In the first quarter of this year, investment funds increasing capital and participating in shares increased significantly, especially, foreign capital inflows into Vietnam reached US$4.42 billion, a record high. within 5 years, this proves that Vietnam is effectively “retaining” foreign investors”.

Left page The Phnom Penh Post of Cambodia recently published an analysis titled “Positive prospect for Vietnam’s real estate M&A in 2022″, which cited the statement of real estate service provider Savills: ” Real estate mergers and acquisitions are expected to be an abundant source of foreign direct investment (FDI) into Vietnam this year, with mergers and acquisitions expected to increase in frequency. and value”.

“Vietnam’s large domestic market with an expanding middle class, expected to grow at 9.2% next year, is a magnet for investment from Singapore. 2022 is the time. The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) came into force. Moreover, many important free trade agreements (FTAs) of Vietnam continued to be implemented according to the roadmap, creating a premise for the country’s return to the country. promising again next year,” said Mr. Benjamin Lam, Executive Director of Industrial Parks Project, VSIP Group.

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