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Just like to show off their flat stomach, want to show off their sexy breasts, a series of Vbiz stars whisper to each other to choose this item

I don’t know if anyone invited anyone, but recently, almost the entire Vietnamese star army has been racing to wear skirts with a belly cut, revealing their breasts. Typically in the show introducing BST Sha Vu by designer Le Thanh Hoa on the evening of April 8, a series of beauties appeared on the red carpet with this style of dress.

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Not surprisingly, Ngoc Trinh was present at the show with a jubilant cut-out black dress, revealing almost the entire abdomen. The beautiful woman’s chest is “squeezed” by the gracefully crossed rope

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In contrast to Ngoc Trinh, Miss Tieu Vy dressed up with a pure white dress. However, the common point of the two girls at the event is that they both “show off” with their “floating” breasts. The two laps of the queen’s dress are sewn together at the collar, creating a majestic look

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Also playing a model of a camisole dress with a cleavage, but Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc seems more discreet. Her dress was sewn with an inner layer of cups, determined not to show off her bust at all

In fact, it was not until the show of designer Le Thanh Hoa that the stars began to “touch” this style of dress. Before that, many Vbiz beauties used the same design to wear to performances, participate in gameshows, take pictures… Undeniably, this charming item has an extremely eye-catching design, helping the beauties. show off the ecstatic round 1 and 2 that I own.

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Ha Ho’s silver mesh outfit looks like a fishing village girl at a glance, but if you look closely, it’s super fiery! The chest part is sewn with a lining and pushed with a cross strap, suddenly making the spotlight focus on the “nature court” of Kim Ly’s wife, it’s so stressful, I can’t take my eyes off!

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As a singer with a modeling background, Chi Pu has always maintained her fashionista image with on-trend outfits. This dress is so easy that she can’t give it up! Choosing a bright red tone that is very dazzling, Chi Pu is quite discreet when wearing a dew-cut design, but the important thing is that the chest still has to create that feature!

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Appearing in episode 1 of the reality TV show KOC Vietnam, which is popular on MXH, Miss Ky Duyen had a great dress up with a belly-cut dress revealing her breasts. Item is sewn in a colorful style, with elastic fabric, helping the queen become both personality and active

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Not ashamed to be Ky Duyen’s best friend, Minh Trieu also definitely has to trend with this hot hit item. In a recent set of photos taken together, the model revealed her chest that “burns the eyes” of viewers. To link the two pieces of the outfit, Minh Trieu’s dress was sewn with a see-through fabric at the waist

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Big sister model Thanh Hang is no less sexy at a technology event in the past. The black velvet dress with the belly cut made her the center of attention because of her charm and charm

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