Kaspersky Safe Kids Receives AV-TEST Certification for parental control software | Women

AV-TEST recognizes a high level of site category discovery and the ability to manage that access. The test results also show confidence in restricting inappropriate websites, making browsing safe for young children.

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Today, children use devices that allow them to access the Internet from a very early age (about 5 to 9 years old). To keep their kids’ digital experiences safe and secure, parents are turning to parental control apps. These apps help protect kids from inappropriate content on websites, regulate screen time, and even show a child’s physical location, if a child’s device has a tracking app installed. .

Among the notable achievements of Kaspersky Safe Kids, AV-TEST specifically mentions the high level of website protection. Kaspersky Safe Kids has managed to block an overall average of 90% of potentially inappropriate links on Windows and 85% on Android. The highest result among the categories of blocked content was “Mature Content” – where 100% of links are detected and prevented in Windows. It is worth noting that Kaspersky Safe Kids blocks websites from 14 different categories in 15 languages.

Lab tests also show that the bypass detection rate has dropped significantly in 2021 – to 6.7% for Windows (from 9% in 2020) and 6% for Android (from 8). % in 2020).

“Parental control applications not only provide a safe online experience for children by allowing adults to manage access to inappropriate content. Kaspersky Safe Kids is recognized for providing comprehensive protection for children and their devices, as well as the increasing quality of website classification,” commented Marina Titova, Vice President, Consumer Product Marketing, Kaspersky.

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