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Lam Vy Da: I’m pregnant but I don’t have a dime

“I don’t dare tell my father that I don’t have money, so I have to eat like that,” Lam Vy Da said.

Lam Vy Da and Hua Minh Dat are known as a famous actor couple, with a rather fulfilling life. After more than 10 years of living together, the two have two sons, Banh Mi and Xa Xa. However, behind it are hidden corners that only insiders know.

At the show Afternoon Tea with Auntie this week, actress Lam Vy Da opened up about her tumultuous marriage with Hua Minh Dat. In it, the actress revealed that she was in poverty, and the husband and wife quarreled because of their economic burden.

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Ly Nha Ky and Lam Vy Da

I’m pregnant but I don’t have a dime

First time getting used to Hua Minh DatI’m a pretty daring person. I never thought that when I was 19, 20 years old, I got married. I am the person who actively knows Mr. Dat. Although I didn’t confess, my actions made him understand enough.

Every day, I go over to his house to cook and clean to prove that I am a good and responsible woman.

At that time, Mr. Dat lived in a small house given to him by his parents to live separately. I kept cleaning for 2 years. I even scrub the toilet, prepare things to worship. When my father gave me money to buy Tet things, I used that money to buy all the things for Mr. Dat.

However, after getting on the flower car, my life gradually changed. In particular, economic problems in the family, causing my wife and I to be in crisis many times.

When I just got married, I was pregnant, but I couldn’t afford a dime. I had to eat instant noodles and instant porridge. When my father saw that, he asked why he had to eat like that, I said he wanted to eat because of morning sickness.

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I didn’t dare tell my father that I didn’t have money so I had to eat like that. At that time, the new Smile stage had an accident when artist Huu Loc died.

Therefore, Mr. Dat does not have a stable job and does not earn money. To have money to buy a box of milk for pregnant women is very difficult, so I dare not ask for anything.

After filming, I had to run to the hospital

To cover living expenses, I work hard to earn money to support my husband. Despite my poor health after giving birth, I still actively ran the show.

Many times, when I finished filming, I had to run to the hospital for injections and sea water transfusions. I kept quiet, hiding people doing it.

I am afraid that the producer will see me like this and will affect the program, and will not invite me anymore.

Although he sympathizes with his wife, sometimes Hua Minh Dat also blames me for being too workaholic and having no time for children.

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Lam Vy Da and Hua Minh Dat

The pressure of making money and raising children caused our marriage to gradually fall apart. When I worked a lot, Dat and I kept arguing.

I rushed into running shows because I was afraid that one day I wouldn’t be able to make a lot of money. I’m not good at math, I don’t know business. I only know how to do art, but the elimination of this industry is extremely harsh.

I used to joke with my husband that if you take advantage of your time, let’s plow and earn money. At the end of time, there is still money to pay for life.

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