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Man City vs Liverpool deserves to be a new super classic

Man City and Liverpool brought fans moments of enjoyment in both the first and second legs in the Premier League this season. It is a battle of intelligence, a battle of tension, a struggle, but not as boring as the usual tactical matches of modern football.

“We have seen the desire and fighting spirit from both teams. Both coaches said it was not a decisive match, but they played like it was a final.” Roy Keane commented on Sky Sports. Even a former member of Man Utd must also admire the top performance of the two rivals.

Man City vs Liverpool deserves to be a new super classic - 1

Man City and Liverpool give the audience a spectacular match.

The excitement that the players at Etihad created for the audience did not subside for a second while the ball was still rolling. Fans are witnessing a match of dizzying speed in the true sense of the word, where neither Man City nor Liverpool have time to regret the broken ball.

It is worth mentioning that all that tension comes from the pace of play of both teams. No scuffles, no heated arguments, no tricks to cool down the opponent. Man City as well as Liverpool want to eliminate as many factors as possible that disrupt the rhythm of the game.

That is the dedication of the two best teams in world football at the moment. They don’t need extra “spices” outside of expertise to add quality to a top-notch match.

“The most impressive thing about these excellent players is that they always kept their hunger to win until the last minute. Neither team dominated for a long time because both teams were so good. It was a reminder. Reminds us of what football is like and why we love it”, commented Roy Keane.

Man City vs Liverpool deserves to be a new super classic - 2

Man City, Liverpool are the two strongest teams in England at the moment.

Both coaches likened the performance at the Etihad to a boxing match, but not in the usual sense. Coach Jurgen Klopp said after the match: “It’s like a boxing match, you just need to rest your arm for a second and you’ll be hit with a shock.”

Guardiola replied: “He likes “punches” like that. This is a great advertisement for the Premier League. Both teams want to win“.

Both of the head coaches, when interviewed, showed satisfied faces. Neither team won, but neither Guardiola nor Klopp had any complaints. They, as well as the audience, have just enjoyed a top game.

“I admire what they are doing. It is excellent. I would like to see two teams reach the Champions League final. Those are the two strongest teams in Europe at the moment. Man City and Liverpool are competing in the Premier League. England, FA Cup and hope Champions League again. They deserve it.”Neville said.

“They really excel in the world of football, in different ways. For Guardiola is innovation, football philosophy and his influence on the game. For Jurgen Klopp it’s fighting spirit, passion and innocent street kick.”

Klopp is the one who beat Guardiola the most and vice versa. This is the first time Man City has scored first but failed to win in the Premier League this season. As for Liverpool, before meeting Man City in round 32, they had never been behind in the 2021/22 season after the first half.

Man City and Liverpool not only create a super classic match every time they face each other. The race between these two teams is the most exciting thing in the English Premier League in recent years. In the last 4 seasons, Man City won a total of 338 points, while Liverpool got 337 points! Sky Sports calls this the best rivalry match in the history of the tournament.

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