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Match the outfit with white sneakers according to the undefeated formula

Shoe sport White is an extremely versatile item that can be combined with any outfit, from sportswear to summer dresses, from oversized outfits to miniskirts. Especially, you can’t help but wear sports shoes when wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Model Emily Ratajkowski recently released a model sport shoes cooperate with Superga. Working in the fashion industry, high heels became as inseparable from Emily as with any model or fashion icon. However, the female model shared that the pandemic and motherhood made her feel comfortable and like wearing sport shoes than.

Don’t wait to partner with a sports shoe brand, Emily Ratajkowski new to wearing comfortable low-soled shoes. The mother of one is often seen walking around in New York with sneakers. Denim outfits featuring cropped crop tops and high-waisted pants help models create a cool image in comfort and dynamism.

Emily Ratajkowski paired a Superga sneaker with a vest and trousers.

Emily Ratajkowski says the new shoe is inspired by simplicity, cool and classic colors. The famous model shared that she often wears sport shoes with every outfit – flight comforts, summer dresses, oversized outfits, mini skirts and of course t-shirts and jeans.

White sneakers are worn by Emily with a patterned two-piece dress, an orange necklace and handbag. This is the typical summer fashion style most loved by girls.

Emily Ratajkowski Walk the dog with a classic look that’s not too sexy. The model wore a cropped sheer top with dark low-rise denim pants and New Balance sneakers. Emily’s loose, comfortable look through the combination of wide-leg pants and a crop top creates a feeling suitable for early summer days.

Miss Universe 2020 Andrea Meza wearing a vibrant floral dress, wearing a headband and white sneakers with thick soles that flatter her height. Regardless of your outfit’s colors and textures, the white color on your feet still makes your overall look more elegant and lovely.

Andrea Meza’s white sneakers formula is quite flexible. The sneaker model was mixed by her with dark denim pants and a leather jacket. Mexican beauty likes short socks that match the color of shoes. It is the active and healthy appearance that helps Miss Universe score in the eyes of the fans.

Not only is it easy to combine with everyday clothes, white sneakers are also suitable for suits or oversized clothes. Caroline Daur – model and fashion blogger often wears suits, oversized suits and sneakers.

The universal formula that anyone can apply includes jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of white sneakers. You can wear them in all 4 seasons and go anywhere without having to worry too much about your appearance.

In addition to the usual sports shoes, shoes with high collars that cover the ankles and hug the ankles are also popular with fashionistas. When combined with shorts and sweaters, girls like Hailey Bieber like to wear long socks to highlight their beautiful legs.

Annahstasia, a 23-year-old musician living in New York, combines white sneakers with jeans, off-the-shoulder tops and layered necklaces.

By: Vogue, @carolinedaur, @superga

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