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My girlfriend got mad when I came to the house without warning

I work abroad, met her in a shopping trip. I took the initiative to start a conversation, asking for a phone number with the reason of compatriots.

Then during my free time on New Year’s Eve, I contacted her but simply because it was too boring to find a friend to talk to, she politely replied. Our relationship became closer, more open thanks to one time I helped her solve an accident, she was very grateful and happier with me after that. She used to come home to ask when I was tired, about 30 minutes she returned. I tried to stay with her longer when I asked to take her around the city to get some fresh air, and to give her advice when driving a car.

After a while, we got to know each other. One day, I purposely went to her house without warning at dusk, wanting to surprise her with a gift. I miss you and want to see you. When I got there, I couldn’t contact her, hung gifts in front of the door and texted her and left. After that, she got angry and blamed me arbitrarily and without meaning when she went to her daughter’s house at night. She said the whole way from my place to her place was more than an hour, why not text to know.

I can’t believe you misunderstood me as such a pervert, or did you not really like me? After that, we kept in touch, I tried to convince her that I didn’t mean anything bad, I just wanted to surprise her. She insisted that it was inappropriate behavior in the context of new acquaintances, not understanding each other, her company had many infections, the time frame was too late, even if it wasn’t me, she was always on guard like so.

>> My girlfriend is angry because I don’t reply to messages right away

I agree that I do not understand you well because the time is too short, but I am really sincere and will try to find a way to correct my shortcomings. I just can’t understand the thought: no matter how close you are, you can’t go to your girlfriend’s house on your own, if you come, you have to let me know in advance. Recently, I tried to reconcile, she somewhat calmed down, but the feelings were not the same as before. Every time I play tricks, jokes, for example, I will come to your house again on April Fools’ Day, I only get coldness back.

Yesterday, I asked her to eat again and continued to be rejected by her. I was very upset and asked directly, she replied: “We should stop getting to know each other, I think the past time is enough to understand that the two of you are not suitable for emotional talk, should only be friends”. I hesitated and didn’t want to give up because she was the right object. She is independent, intelligent, enthusiastic, multi-talented and very straightforward, but it is that frankness that hurts me. I have never met anyone with such a wide range of emotions.

I’m frustrated and frustrated when I don’t reciprocate my feelings, shouldn’t I stop here?


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