Ngan 98 explains the story of customers being accused of swallowing 20 million

After a period of neglect, Ngan 98 officially responded to customers’ information about stealing money.

Late at night on April 9, social media stirred up an article accusing Ngan 98 of having a lack of cooperation when customers transferred the wrong money.

Specifically, a temporary account called A. said that in March 2022, he bought goods from the store of Ngan 98 with the amount of more than 2 million. After paying for the goods, A. also transferred an additional 20,000 VND for the shipping fee.

However, the problem happened when A. mistakenly pressed 20,000 VND into 20 million VND.

To prove it, A. provided a series of messages back and forth with the sales Fanpage believed to be of Ngan 98, with a screenshot of the transaction amount of VND 20 million for an account named Vo Thi Ngoc Ngan (ie Ngan 98). .

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Article Ngan 98.

After 3 days of ignoring the noise, Ngan 98 recently posted a clip appearing with Luong Bang Quang to clearly explain everything.

She said: “Currently Ngan has refunded the amount of 20 million to the customer. The reason Ngan refunded late is because Ngan and Uncle Quang have a tour, travel combined with wedding photography abroad. We went for 2 weeks, so we should say it’s just busy.

Vietnam’s time zone and foreign time zone are completely different, so when Ngan returned, the staff informed Ngan. But Ngan is also afraid of fraud because nowadays fraud is very sophisticated, so Ngan has to go to the bank to verify it very carefully.

After verifying correctly, Ngan refunded the customer. And that guest also came up to correct this was just a misunderstanding.”.

Clip of the philippine couple clearly says everything.

In addition, the hot girl market also expressed frustration when everything was resolved smoothly, but many people still deliberately went out and made up stories to drown the couple.

“According to Ngan’s feeling, you guys don’t have compassion for people, don’t really want to help people. If next time you really love people and want to help people, Ngan will show you a smarter way.”.

Luong Bang Quang sat next to explain that the couple did not intend to challenge the online community, but only gave practical advice.

“Instead of taking the opportunity to see someone in business be a little negligent, fall face down to drown people, I advise you to take more practical action.” I said.

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Talking about blocking comments related to the incident, the couple said: “For those of you who have this question, Ngan understands that you guys are not doing big business. Because every time during the livestream, if someone leaves too many bad comments, especially when it comes to Ngan’s reputation, the monitoring staff will automatically block it..

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