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Passenger car owner was stabbed to death

Ho Chi Minh CityAfter a dispute in the water bar at Nga Tu Ga bus station, district 12, the 36-year-old passenger car owner was attacked and died by a motorbike taxi driver using a screwdriver.

On April 11, Ho Chi Minh City Police coordinated with District 12 Police to extract camera images at the bus station, around the area, and identified the suspect’s identity. about 50 years old, on the hunt.

Police scene examination.  Photo: Nhat Vy

Police examine the scene at Nga Tu Ga bus station, District 12. Photo: Nhat Vy

According to the investigation, last night, Mr. Dung, the owner of the North-South bus, sat and talked with a friend in a bar at Nga Tu Ga bus station. Later, the man who drove a motorbike taxi to sit together, there was a conflict, a scuffle, and everyone intervened.

The motorbike taxi driver left, but suddenly took a screwdriver and turned to chase him, knocking Mr. Dung down. Surrounded by many people, he swung his weapon to resist and fled. The victim was taken to the hospital but died.

The witness said that Mr. Dung was the owner of a passenger car, but recently switched to a delivery driver. When he stopped at the wharf to talk to friends and exchange experiences, a case happened.

Nhat Vy

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