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With this era of virtual life, before taking a satisfactory photo, the girls often have to make up carefully, refine their beauty or use all kinds of pretty filters. Being a girl must be “pretty”, so using makeup or using filters is very normal. Because makeup girls often use apps and filters, a bare face when shedding off the fussy makeup is always something that makes people curious.

On social media, some people hide pictures with their bare face, others are very comfortable showing off their makeup-free moments.

Not afraid that her beauty will be less beautiful without makeup, the wives of CEOs and young masters also confidently post photos of their bare faces online. So will they be able to maintain their beauty when taking off makeup?

Linh Rin – Young master Phillip Nguyen’s girlfriend

The sweet love of Linh Rin and young master Philip Nguyen is admired by many people. He is rich and talented and she is beautiful and charismatic. Linh Rin owns a beautiful, sharp appearance and immense charisma, hard to match. If you follow Linh Rin’s Facebook or Instagram, you will see that she usually doesn’t wear too much makeup or fussy.

With inherent delicate features, when removing makeup, the bare face of the future bride-to-be is still excellently beautiful with smooth skin, a high nose and rosy, plump lips.

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Linh Rin’s bare face is really amazing.

Ha My – fiancee of millionaire Hung Dinh

The love affair of Ha My and millionaire Hung Dinh has received a lot of attention from the online community since the couple went viral with their marriage proposal in June 2021. Ha My is known as a beautiful and talented girl. She was in the Top 15 of Miss Vietnam 2018 and won the title of Miss Press Green Beauty 2019.

Possessing such a series of beauty achievements, Ha My’s beauty is certainly “not a medium”. Even without the help of foundation or sophisticated makeup, Ha My’s bare face still deserves 10 points.

The bare face of the wife's association of CEOs and young masters is really top notch: Everyone has everything here!  - Photo 2.

Ha My’s beautiful, flawless bare face.

Hot girl Salim – The wife of the young master of a garment corporation

Salim is known as the hot girl Ha Thanh with the beauty of “ten thousand people”. Recently, when posting a photo announcing that she had given birth to her first child, the mother’s bare face was also what made netizens “stand still”. Even though her face is completely bare, her facial features are still correct, her face is slim, harmonious, and her skin is flawless.

The bare face of the wife's association of CEOs and young masters is really top notch: Everyone has everything here!  - Photo 3.

Salim’s face without any makeup is really outstanding.

Young Mango – Young Master’s Wife Xemesis

Non mango is known as a hot girl with a western appearance, an unforgettable beauty, and a charming body. She has a very fulfilling marriage with a rich and talented streamer, Xemesis. The beauty of Non Mango is considered to be all kinds of normal oranges, especially, she also often shows photos of her bare face on social networks.

The bare face of the wife's association of CEOs and young masters is really top notch: Everyone has everything here!  - Photo 4.

“Horror” with this beautiful, flawless bare face.

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