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Pity beautiful girl

On the evening of April 11, a horrible murder occurred in Nha Nam town (Tan Yen district, Bac Giang) causing many people to stir. The victim was identified as a female clothing store owner was killed by a subject with a weapon.

According to the investigative officer, until 23:25 at night of the same day, the police force was still examining the scene and hunting the perpetrator, initially identifying the suspect as a woman.

Pity the owner of a clothing shop was brutally murdered in Bac Giang: Sorry for the unfinished youth, rest in peace!  - Photo 1.

Many people were present at the crime scene

The brutal murder of a clothing shop owner on the evening of April 11 has shocked many people, and many people around the area have gathered around the scene of the heartbreaking incident.

On the Facebook TM page that is believed to be the victim’s in the incident, many friends have come in to leave their condolences, mourn and express shock at this sudden departure.

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HB account shared, “Life is so impermanent. I still reply to normal customers in the morning but at night… May you rest in peace, hope the authorities soon catch the culprit”.

“I love you, sorry for the unfinished youth. Remember that wherever you are, you’ll always be beautiful, always happy. Hope your family overcomes this pain soon”, the AL account said. mourn.

In addition, many people who did not know the victim also sent their condolences to the unfortunate girl. “Rest in peace, even though I don’t know who you are, I still want to send you a white flower, a goodbye,” a net user shared. dang-do-yen-nguyen-nhe-20220412005421064.chn

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