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President Biden launches TikTok account aimed at young people

Account TikTok by US President Joe Biden called “Buildingbacktogether” operated and managed by the nonprofit group Building Back Together. Posts inspired by TikTok trends and features like green screens.

The videos on this Tiktok account are intended to explain Mr. Joe Biden’s agenda and are intended for Gen Z users. Building Back Together staff will regularly appear on the account, along with news snippets. New news and audio featuring President Biden.

“Our TikTok videos will make use of the platform’s unique features. We take advantage of trending sounds/dances or options like the blue screen feature, to create informative videos that are multi-faceted in the video. President Biden’s agenda,” a group spokesman said.

President Biden launches a TikTok account aimed at young people - Photo 1.

Mr. Biden’s “Building Back Together” TikTok account has just been launched. Photo: TikTok/ Building Back Together

“With the TikTok account, we build our work with the goal of reaching the huge database of users of this platform and especially targeting young users. TikTok users are seeing information about the positive impact on the president’s agenda,” a spokesperson for Building Back Together told The Verge.

The White House has accepted TikTok as an outreach tool even though the platform is from China. “This is a very important path toward the platform the American public chooses to get the latest information,” said Rob Flaherty, the White House’s director of digital strategy.

Building Back Together is one of the only groups dedicated to advancing Biden’s legislative agenda, which includes bills like the American Rescue Plan and the multiparty Infrastructure Act, as well as the nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court.

On Instagram, Building Back Together regularly posts news clips and infographics promoting Biden administration goals. In a recent post the group used data from the Economic Policy Institute, claiming that Biden’s economic plans would help Americans pay for services like health care and childcare.

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