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Every summer, young girls yearn to find a predestined relationship through the proms in the 18+ series “Bridgerton”.

Set during the Regency period in 1800s London, the film revolves around the marriage of the Bridgerton aristocratic family, with the central character rotating through each season. Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor closed, female lead part one) now quiet family, rarely appear. Her brother – Viscount Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) is pressured to find a wife to share the burden of the family and take care of the children. I don’t put too much emphasis on love, but only apply standards

He falls in love with Edwina Sharma – the girl chosen by the queen as the “diamond” of the festive season but is forbidden by her sister – Kate. Kate wants her sister to find true love while Anthony is famous for being extravagant, considering marriage only as a duty. During the process of falling in love with Edwina, Anthony fell in love with Kate again, leading to a tumultuous love triangle.

'Bridgerton': An English noble maiden's search for a husband

Trailer for the movie “Bridgerton 2”. Video: Netflix

Unlike season one, season two moderates the “hot” scene, focusing on expressing the character’s personality and inner character. Outwardly affluent, careless, but Anthony hides the trauma after his father’s death, always weighing the pressure of carrying the family. His love story and Kate progressed slowly, due to many obstacles. He comes from a noble lineage while Kate is just a common man in India. However, the majority of the audience judged that the Anthony – Kate pair did not create the same attraction in terms of personality and appearance as Daphne and Simon in season one.

The film reflects the dark sides of the upper society through the noble maidens’ search for husbands. In the period when men were in charge of life, girls had limited access to knowledge, only learned the etiquette of being a wife, mother, and skills to please men. Finding a good husband determines their happiness in life. Therefore, the prom season becomes an occasion for them to compete, display their beauty and retail.

Simone Ashley (left, as Kate) and Jonathan Bailey (as Anthony) are the central characters of season two.  Photo: Netflix

Simone Ashley (left, as Kate) and Jonathan Bailey (as Anthony) are the central characters of season two. Image: Netflix

The work incorporates a feminist message through the character Eloise Bridgerton (played by Claudia Jessie). Contrary to her sister Daphne, Eloise is not interested in festivals, in love, dreams of going to university, likes to learn about philosophy, and gender equality. She used to admire Whistledown – an anonymous woman specializing in writing articles revealing many shocking secrets of the nobility. However, in the second part, Eloise gradually lost sympathy for the idol, thinking that she should focus on big issues instead of gossiping. She dreams of meeting an anonymous lady to discuss feminism, not knowing that Whistledown is actually her best friend Penelope.

Nicola Coughlan (left, 35) and Claudia Jessie (right, 32) play Penelope and Eloise in Bridgerton, respectively.  Photo: Netflix

Nicola Coughlan (left, 35 years old) and Claudia Jessie (right, 32 years old) played Penelope and Eloise in “Bridgerton”, respectively. Image: Netflix

With a stout body, often forced by her mother to dress flamboyantly, Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) is always a spare at parties because no one invites her to dance. Thanks to that, she had a lot of time to observe and listen to the servants to gather writing materials. In the film, she struggles to keep her identity from Eloise, and is confused with her best friend’s feelings for her brother. In her 30s, Claudia Jessie and Nicola Coughlan was praised for her youthful, natural incarnation as an 18-year-old girl. Many viewers commented that they expect the two characters to have more acting in the following parts.

Bridgerton continued to score points thanks to the setting, lavish and beautiful costumes. Each episode costs about seven million dollars. Above Rotten Tomatoes, The film is rated 79% positive, 11% lower than season one. Critics say that although it did not create the charm of the previous season, the series is still attractive and worth watching. In the first week of release at the end of March, the film reached 193 million hours of tracking.

Bridgerton adapted from the novel of the same name by Julia Quinn, first aired at the end of December 2020, breaking the viewership record on Netflix, reaching 625 million hours of viewing in 28 days. The film uses many real names and places but builds fictional stories and characters. The producer said it plans to produce six more films.

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