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Shanghai Covid-19 cases increased for 10 consecutive days

Shanghai recorded more than 26,000 new infections, a continuous increase in the past 10 days while the city imposed a blockade.

Officials in Shanghai, the financial capital of ChinaApril 11 announced that the city recorded an additional 26,087 cases Covid-19 in the past 24 hours, most of which are asymptomatic cases. The number of symptomatic cases dropped from more than 1,000 a day last week to 914.

Cases in Shanghai continued to increase while the city of 25 million people issued a blockade order and organized 6 large-scale tests. Shanghai recorded 205,000 infections since March 1, of which 6,300 had mild symptoms and no deaths. More than 11,000 people were released from quarantine after testing negative for nCoV.

Chinese Vice Premier Sun Xuan Lan on April 10 called for “further efforts to save time and improve testing efficiency”. “High-risk people need to be detected as soon as possible and transferred to isolation,” Ms. Sun said.

Zhong Nanshan, China’s leading respiratory disease expert, said that Shanghai’s anti-epidemic measures were inadequate and the city did not understand the transmission characteristics of the strain. Omicron.

Chinese medical staff prepare to take samples to test for nCoV in Shanghai city on April 6.  Photo: AFP.

Chinese medical staff prepare to take samples to test for nCoV in Shanghai city on April 6. Image: AFP.

Shanghai Deputy Mayor Sun Ming on April 9 acknowledged that the city’s anti-epidemic measures are still lacking and need to be improved, but affirmed that the frontline forces have made great efforts.

Ms. Ton also said the city would classify 16 districts into three different zones, allowing people in the “precautionary zone” with the lowest risk to move and shop. To be classified as a “precautionary zone”, a residential or manufacturing facility must have reported no cases of infection for 14 consecutive days.

China recorded an additional 1,184 cases of Covid-19 with symptoms in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 165,577 cases, and 26,411 asymptomatic cases. China has not recorded any more deaths, a total of 4,638 cases.

Strict blockade and mass testing are a central part of China’s “No Covid” strategy, but even with tough measures, it is becoming increasingly difficult to prevent Omicron from spreading. . However, Chinese officials are stepping up the implementation of this strategy.

Zhong Nanshan said China will gradually ease restrictions under a flexible “No Covid” approach strategy, but it is not possible to completely remove restrictions. He affirmed that the important issue in fighting the epidemic is “minimizing the spread and limiting the number of deaths”.

Chung warned that there will be many deaths if Omicron outbreak is widespread. “Opening up does not apply to China at all because it will increase the number of deaths,” this expert emphasized.

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