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Should I withdraw from 5K to 2K? -Life Health

Monday, 11/04/2022 10:00 AM (GMT+7)

Over the weekend, talking with a reporter from Tien Phong newspaper, Mr. Tang Chi Thuong, director of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health, said that the 5K regulation in the prevention of COVID-19 (mask – distance – disinfection – medical declaration) economy – no gathering) is no longer relevant. “The current context is different from a year ago, we are waiting for the Ministry of Health to adjust,” said Mr. Thuong.

According to Mr. Thuong, more than a year before the outbreak, in the context that the community had not been vaccinated COVID-19the Ministry of Health has issued 5K regulations to minimize contact and strengthen protective measures for each individual to prevent the risk of COVID-19 infection.

In fact, the 5K regulation, when applied to the whole society, has brought about good results, making an important contribution to case tracing and protecting the safety of those who strictly adhere to the criteria.

Up to now, all economic and social activities in Ho Chi Minh City have returned to normal. In all factories and factories, employees have focused on working, eating, and living together; Students at basic education levels have been able to study normally, people are making efforts to reproduce to recover the economy, to make up for the recession caused by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Prevention and control of COVID-19: Should withdraw from 5K to 2K?  - first

People health declaration when going to the hospital

However, the 5K regulation that has not been changed is becoming a barrier to social activities. Thuong said that the locality is currently waiting for the Ministry of Health to adjust the 5K regulations.

“The current situation is different from a year ago because the vaccination rate of people across the country is very high, everyone is immune. The actual evidence shows that the number of cases has a very large stage, but the number of severe cases and deaths is very low,” said Thuong.

He also said that keeping a distance of 2m according to the 5K regulation or not gathering was no longer appropriate or the medical declaration could be adjusted to narrow and focus on cases with high risk factors. “In the 5K that has been done, it may be adjusted to 2K or 3K in the near future. Many countries around the world have also relaxed epidemic prevention measures.

According to Dr. Truong Huu Khanh, Standing Vice President of Ho Chi Minh City Infectious Diseases Association: “The 5K regulation is no longer relevant since Ho Chi Minh City decided to open the door for economic development and students returned to school. In my opinion, the 5K regulation should be shortened to 2K including masks and disinfection to suit the current situation.”

Ms. Nguyen Thu Ha, owner of a restaurant chain in Ho Chi Minh City, said: “We don’t know how to do it properly in the current period. They can do business and trade, but if they do it wrong, they are afraid of being punished in case they are inspected. We hope that the state management agency will make adjustments to suit the new situation to create favorable conditions but still keep people safe from the COVID-19 epidemic.”

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