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Should security cameras be turned off while at home?

Security cameras are very useful to use to monitor the house when you are out or away, but what if you are at home and want to disable them because of privacy concerns?

Why should you turn off the camera when you are at home?

Many people don’t think much about whether their security camera is on or off when they are at home, partly it is set up to operate 24/24 and always “monitor” every move around their house. Part of the initial security camera settings in the form of IP cameras is often quite confusing and makes many people “afraid” to dive into the daily settings after the device has been configured.

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You should turn off the security camera to be really comfortable at home


But if you notice in recent news and articles, a lot of security cameras have not been properly secured and are compromised through vulnerabilities from the software itself, from even default passwords. The setting is less likely to be changed by users when setting it up. That’s why you should take care of turning off the security camera when you get home and engage in private family activities.

Because the biggest benefit of a security camera is its ability to monitor your home when you’re away, when you’re at home it can become a privacy risk.

How to turn off the security camera when you are at home?

There is not a universal way to turn off many security camera devices today, as it depends on the brand and different devices. The fastest and surest way for devices that use power from an external cord is…unplug the power plug.

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In addition to unplugging the power, you can turn on/off the security camera through the management software

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But it’s still not enough, some cameras today have built-in batteries inside to continue working for a certain amount of time, so you need to find a solution to turn off the software. Most security cameras have some sort of sleep or shutdown function. However, how to activate it depends on the manufacturer.

The majority of security cameras from industry companies such as Nest, Ring, Arlo, Dahua and Xiaomi all support on/off from fairly simple management software. At that time, you just need to open the security camera management software to find the settings option and you will see the on / off or camera status switch, with the Xiaomi camera you will have the option to sleep instead of turning it off.

According to HowToGeek, some security cameras also offer more subtle options, including a timer mechanism or automatically turn off/on based on your presence sensors through Google Home or smart wearables. Using the home/away function, you can place the Nest camera in your living room to turn off if any of your family members pre-installed with your Google Home are at home and will automatically turn it back on when they’re out. .

It will be comfortable when you no longer have to worry about the “eyes and ears” around you pointing at you when you need privacy, but also don’t forget to turn it back on when you leave the house.

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