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Surprised the UFC fighter “overwhelms” the MMA woman in the bathroom

(Sports news, martial arts news) Talented Swedish boxer has an unexpected action with the beautiful MMA.

Russian-born Swedish boxer, 27-year-old Khamzat Chimaev is one of the brightest stars of the world MMA village.

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The martial arts couple’s close friendship makes many people confused

He is on a 10-match streak of all professional mixed martial arts wins, the Russian-born fighter also owns a series of 4 consecutive victories in the UFC. Which created a record of winning 2 consecutive matches in 10 days (July 16, 2020 knock-out John Phillips in the second half, July 26, 2020 defeated Rhys McKee in the first half). This weekend, Khamzat Chimaev fights Gilbert Burns at UFC 273.

Chimaev does not have a girlfriend, but everyone thinks he has feelings for Tatiana Suarez. The two used to have a short time practicing together and have a special friendship.

The women’s straw candidate, Suarez recently revealed that she has a “no distance” friendship with the boxer of Chechnya, Russia.

“Whenever Chimaev saw me at the UFC Performance Institute, he would come over and kick me. I was like, ‘hey, what are you doing?’” Tatiana Suarez told journalist Helen Yee.

The 31-year-old American female boxer continued: “We played very close. The day before yesterday he tried to wrestle me in the sauna. I was like, ‘what’s going on man?’ ? No, don’t do this here.’”

Beating female Suarez also has a record of all wins in MMA (8 wins). However, the boxer born in 1990 has not competed since his fight with Nina Nunes at UFC 238 in June 2019. Suarez is in the process of recovering from a serious neck injury.

Although 4 years older than the Swedish boxer, martial arts fans want the couple from friendship to love. It could be the beautiful love of the world MMA village.

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