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Teenager escapes serial killer with one sentence

ChinaTruong Loi, 16 years old, is the 18th victim of serial killer Hoang Dung, also the only one who was not tortured to death by him.

In November 2003, a teenager named Truong Loi panicked and ran home after being missing for 4 days and 3 nights. Lei told his family that he had been kidnapped and tortured by a pervert who had killed 17 people. The victims were all teenagers.

Zhang Lei lives in Zhumadian city, Henan province. Parents work in other places all year round, usually only Grandma takes care of Loi. Without a tutor, Lei does not study well, likes to go to Internet cafes to play games with friends.

On the morning of November 6, 2003, Loi was playing when someone next to him approached and pointed at the screen to instruct him on how to win the game. He introduced the name Hoang Dung and then happily passed on his gaming experience, making the teenager admire.

At 11 a.m., when the two sides had become close, Loi regretfully said goodbye to Dung because the online time had run out. Unexpectedly, Dung immediately turned off the phone and invited him to continue playing. Being playful, Loi agreed immediately. But Dung said he had to go home to get the money first, asked Loi to go home with him and then left immediately.

Leaving the Internet shop, they walked about 3-4 km to a bus stop, then took the bus for another hour to reach Dung’s house. Entering the dilapidated two-room house, Loi saw a “homemade wooden horse” like a bench. Dung asked Loi to participate in a challenge of reaction ability to have money to go out. Listening to the temptation, Loi lay on the “homemade wooden horse”, letting Dung take a rope to tie it up. At this point, Lei sensed that something was wrong, but it was too late. He passed out due to torture.

The tool used to cause the crime was named smart wooden horse by Hoang Dung and a piece of white cloth used to strangle the victim.  Photo: Toutiao

The tool that caused the crime was named “smart wooden horse” by Hoang Dung with a piece of white cloth. Image: Toutiao

Over the next few days, Dung repeatedly repeated this cruel trick. Lei tried to run away twice but failed. Dung said to Loi: “Before you, there were 17 people who have come here, none of them can run out of here”.

On the fourth day, Lei was still alive, begging Dung to spare him, promising to give a lot of ransom. Dung also hesitated, but not for the money. The previous 17 victims were all tortured to death by him in one day, yet Lei was able to persist for four days.

Seeing Dung hesitate, Loi continued to beg: “Please forgive me, later when you are old, I will take care of you”.

Dung looked excited when he heard this sentence. A few minutes later, he threatened Lei with a knife: “If you leave here and you dare to say a single word, I will kill the whole family.”

Seeing Lei nod, Dung let go, and gave two yuan. But Loi did not go home immediately because he was afraid that if he called the police, Dung would take revenge on his family. He stayed at a classmate’s house for one night, then returned home and told his grandmother about the kidnapping story.

Thanks to Loi’s testimony, the police arrested Dung on November 12, 2003, excavating his back garden to find the victims’ bodies.

Serial killer Hoang Dung was escorted to court for a public trial.  Photo: Baike

Serial killer Hoang Dung was escorted to court for a public trial. Image: Baike

Through investigation, Dung was born in 1974, the eldest of three brothers of a farmer family in Binh Du district, Ha Nam province. Poor family background, parents working far away, no one cared, so since childhood, Dung had a lonely personality, easily angered and violent.

At the age of 15, Dung happened to watch a violent movie about gangsters and assassins, thereby raising his dream of becoming an “assassin”. In 2001, when his parents and two younger brothers both went to work far away, the idea of ​​​​becoming a murderer appeared again.

With a thin and weak physique, afraid of not being able to commit crimes smoothly, Dung renovated the noodle rolling machine in his house, as long as the victim was lying on it, he would easily be controlled by him. He calls this perverted killing tool a “smart wooden horse”. Dung targets teenage boys.

In September 2001, Dung met a middle school student at an Internet cafe. Through conversation, knowing that the boy was in difficult circumstances, his family never gave pocket money, he used the excuse of having a way to earn money to trick the boy into going home.

Dung asked the boy to lie on a wooden horse, if he endured the challenge, he would receive a reward of 1,000 yuan… Dung buried the body of this first victim in the back garden of his house, burning all his clothes.

The missing boy’s family reported to the police, but because there were no witnesses and no surveillance cameras, the case was deadlocked.

In the summer of 2002, Dung went in and out of the Internet shop many times, finding his target. In 2003, Dung continuously murdered 15 people, among them 10 minors, the youngest victim was 15 years old and the oldest was 22 years old. In November 2003, when Dung kidnapped Loi, the path of crime ended.

During the interrogation, Dung said he decided to release Loi because he was touched when he heard the sentence: “You will be old later, I will take care of you”. Since childhood, he was not loved by his family, no one had ever directly expressed such kindness. After releasing Loi, Dung also anticipated being arrested, so he wrote a will.

On December 9, 2003, Dung was sentenced to death and executed on December 26, 2003.

Tue Anh (According to Toutiao)

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