The AFF Cup champion admires the “reverse bicycle” of the Vietnamese midfielder U22

Leading Can Tho Club to face Viettel in the round of 1/8 of the National Cup in 2022, coach Nguyen Viet Thang and his students stood firm within 40 minutes. However, Can Tho’s efforts were thwarted when Nham Manh Dung set up a super product with a goal in the style of “reverse bicycle” to open the score for Viettel.

Champion AFF Cup 2008 Nguyen Viet Thang as the head coach of Can Tho club must also admire this goal: “Manh Dung has just scored a super product. I don’t think there is a goal like this in the V.League.”

Viettel head coach – Truong Viet Hoang also commented: “Nham Manh Dung, even at Viettel, I can both use Dung in the striker and use it in the left-back position. Normally for this match, Dung will play as a central defender, but today, Danh Trung and Hoang Son was injured, just got sick yesterday, so I had to change, forced to let Nhan Manh Dung go up and have a very nice goal.”

The AFF Cup champion admires the upside down bike of the Vietnamese midfielder U22 - Photo 1.

Nham Manh Dung scored a super product in the style of “reverse bicycle” to open the score for Viettel.

After the opening goal of Nham Manh Dung, Viettel had 4 more goals in the second half to win the final with a score of 5-0. Coach Nguyen Viet Thang admitted that Viettel’s professional level was better than Can Tho’s, so he did not blame the students because “the level is still quite far away”, as well as expressed satisfaction about the spirit of competition.

Meanwhile, coach Truong Viet Hoang emphasized that he was not satisfied with the players’ performance at the beginning of the game: “This victory is well-deserved for Viettel. The first half was a bit difficult because the opponent played defensively. My players were all coordinated in the middle, did not follow the meeting method.”

“When the Can Tho team played defensively, we played in the middle, it was difficult to have space, we had to expand to the two sides, we had to penetrate to get a goal. In general, the players did the right thing. 4 goals in the second half.

Regarding the fact that midfielder Nguyen Huu Thang is not on the focused list of U22 Vietnam this time, coach Truong Viet Hoang assessed that each strategist has a different way of using personnel, so he did not comment. He expects that from now until the 31st SEA Games take place, U22 Vietnam will have adjustments and students will have the opportunity to focus.

“Both Duc Chien and Hoang Duc are on the staff team with captain Bui Tien Dung. We want to have a match for Germany before gathering with Vietnam U23, giving Duc confidence to go on a good mission. “ – Coach Truong Viet Hoang explained the captaincy award to Hoang Duc in this match.

In the quarter-finals of the 2022 National Cup, Viettel will meet Binh Dinh away from home.

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