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The dish reduces reproductive function, making men “weak”

Male fertility is affected by many factors, including fitness, age and nutritional sources. There are many dishes that have a negative impact on the “strong-weak” of men, but they are the favorite dishes of families.

“Hello doctor,

I heard that men eating animal organs is not good, even harmful to reproductive function. My husband is a person who is very addicted to eating these dishes, I am confused as to whether this is correct to advise him. Ask your doctor for an answer.”

(Quynh Hoa, Hanoi)

Can eating animal organs harm fertility?


Animal organs are the favorite food of many people, especially men. Animal organs are rich in vitamins and nutrients. Some organs such as the liver have very high amounts of vitamins A, D, and iron; Animal brains contain omega 3 fatty acids…

However, animal organs also contain more saturated fat and cholesterol than meat, which if eaten regularly will increase blood fat and be harmful to the heart.

In addition, in the kidneys and liver of animals often accumulate a large amount of cadmium, this is a heavy metal that can directly affect spermatogenesis cells in the body, causing disturbances in the production process. sperm. Thereby “contributing” to the factors affecting the reproductive function, spermatogenesis of men and causing the condition. infertility, infertility in men.

Therefore, we should limit eating foods derived from animal organs. You should choose a nutritious diet, regularly exercise to improve health.

With some of the above information, the doctor hopes to answer your questions! Thank you!

Dr. Nguyen Trong Hoang Hiep (Specialist in Andrology, Hanoi Hospital of Andrology and Infertility)

A favorite dish of many families, but it is the cause of impaired reproductive function, the wife does not want her husband to be Khong-muon-chong-yeu-thi-can-han-che-20220411010105541.chn

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