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The dog Cu Garlic is missing, the owner is crying and controversial

Garlic is a famous dog on TikTok with many videos with millions of views. Cu Garlic is loved by netizens and given the nickname “The dog most cursed by the owner of TikTok”. The reason it has such a nickname is because this dog often goes around messing around, chasing chickens and ducks around the village. The dog Cu Garlic is constantly scolded by the owner for this reason. The owner of Cu Garlic is Ngoc Duyen, who owns a TikTok channel of more than 800,000 followers and nearly 22 million likes.

Recently, the online community was excited and equally worried when last night, Cu Garlic’s owner posted a clip announcing this dog was missing, I don’t know who took it away. Duyen just cried and begged for help “Whoever caught Garlic, please pay me back…”. The owner of Cu Garlic and her family are very worried, going everywhere to look for them but still can’t find them.

The famous dog on TikTok - Cu Garlic is missing, the owner mourns but still faces controversy - Photo 1.

The owner loves Cu Garlic very much.

Not only the owner of the dog, but also An Nhien – Ngoc Duyen’s daughter woke up this morning and did not see the dog crying. If you follow the clips of this TikTok channel, you can see that Cu Garlic is very close to little An Nhien.

Garlic is an intelligent dog, but also very playful and mischievous.

Those who follow and love this dog are also very worried. The clip received a series of comments such as: “Hope to find garlic soon, love you”, “Oh my god, it’s so sad”, I hope Garlic will come back, I’m so sorry, someone will send her back, I’m so sorry”, “I love you and Garlic so much”. ..

The famous dog on TikTok - Garlic is missing, the owner mourns, but still faces controversy - Photo 3.

Garlic has received a lot of attention from the online community.

However, the owner of Cu Garlic also encountered many mixed opinions that instead of continuously posting more than a dozen crying clips, they should search:

“Telling her to run to the slaughterhouses to find her but she didn’t go, she made eighty clips crying all the time. There is something as simple as going to the slaughterhouse to find it. are not bear it but keep saying love me it”.

“If I lose my dog, can I focus on finding it? Go back to TikTok so the thieves can get paid.”

Duyen once shared, Cu Garlic is a very intelligent dog, but it is also playful and playful. Hope Garlic is safe and returns home soon.


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