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The handsome firefighter made the sister association constantly call his name by “fighting” his heart

“Excellent product” firefighters make many hearts need “fire fighting”

The sisters often tacitly agree with each other that handsome guys are the biggest reason why sisters from all over the social network become united, the main thing is to work together to find the “inspirational print”. ” (info) of him.

That truth was once again proven when the clip of a firefighter was spread on Tiktok.

Usually, firefighters will appear with tight protective suits, carefully covered faces to participate in the mission… so often few people pay attention to their appearance.

Therefore, the clip recording the moment this soldier is comfortably resting after work immediately attracted attention because it is not often that the girls can see that handsome and silly appearance.

Just a moment in his uniform, the fireman made many hearts flutter

Immediately, the handsome, masculine guy was actively sought by the people.

It is known that the firefighter named Hoang Doan Minh Ha, 22 years old, is from Lang Son. In 2019, Minh Ha joined the army and became a service member of the Fire Prevention and Rescue Police Department (PRC) of Lang Son province.

Possessing a “extreme” appearance with an impressive height of nearly 1m80, a perfect six-pack body and delicate lines on his face, it is not too difficult to understand why this guy makes women fall in love. to that.

The handsome firefighter made the sister association constantly call his name to fight the fire of his heart - Photo 2.
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The sister association is constantly pulling each other to follow the guy’s personal page

Constantly trying to overcome difficulties and challenges

Minh Ha said that the characteristics of the job require firefighters to always maintain physical strength, good health, and flexibility, so he and his teammates regularly practice sports.

The guy also shared that his favorite sport is volleyball. This is also the fate that brought him to the profession of a firefighter.

“In the past, when I did my military service, when the training was over, the members would be assigned to each unit to serve. I was assigned to the Fire Prevention and Fighting Police Department and Lang Son province.

During the past 3 years, I have won many sports and professional awards with the whole team, such as participating in the qualifying round of the 2nd Regional Movement Men’s Volleyball Tournament in 2019, reaching the final round of “Healthy Congress for Organization Security”. nation” for the eighth time;

Won the first prize of the whole delegation of the Fire Prevention and Fighting Professional Sports Competition and the Regional Qualifier 1; In 2020, I won the title of Grassroots Emulation Fighter”

Whether before or after being known by many people on social networks, Minh Ha always strives hard, seriously and wholeheartedly in her work.

Born and raised in a purely farming family in Lao Cai, his parents’ income is quite meager, so Minh Ha said that it was a blessing for him and his sisters to be fully educated by their parents.

When he is an adult, he is self-aware that he must try many times to rise up and have a better life.

The nature of the job requires the soldier to be brave, to bravely plunge into difficult and dangerous places, not afraid of difficulties and hardships to help Minh Ha grow up and have the opportunity to train herself a lot.

“Although there are few fires and explosions up here, usually we will participate in rescue work, but it is not impossible to say that it is difficult and dangerous.

Everyone has to stay ready, if there is a fire or something that needs to be mobilized, they must go out immediately, whether it’s midnight or just in time to eat.

Every day, I wake up early to do high-intensity sports, eat breakfast, practice plans and practical situations. After the lunch break, the team continued to practice until the evening.

Wherever I am, whatever I do, I still try to do well at the assigned task, and always keep in mind that one thing youth is to be aggressive, to dedicate, never to hesitate or worry about anything.”

In February 2022, Minh Ha completed his service and he said that after a period of rest, he plans to return to work as a firefighter in the near future.


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