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The last role of martial artist Vu Hai before his death

Monday, April 11, 2022 11:57 AM (GMT+7)

With a fortune of about 40 films, martial artist Vu Hai is a familiar face to television audiences, especially the role of Hung Ca perch in “The Judge”.

Master Vu Hai was born in 1960. He died at 5pm on April 10 at his home, due to pancreatic cancer. The departure of martial artist Vu Hai left many colleagues and fans shocked and saddened.

Before his death, martial arts master Vu Hai held the position of Deputy General Secretary of the Hanoi Martial Arts Association, deputy head of the Thang Long martial arts sect. In the previous interview with Tien Phong, martial arts master Vu Hai said that he has participated in about 40 films and directed martial arts for many films.

The first movie he hit the cinematic lane was “Silver Swamp” with the role of Dung “stick” – a gypsy with self-made punches.

Then there are a number of movies and often associated with the character of the Gypsy, the great big brother such as: The mysterious will (Tuc “hump”), Raindrop Sa (boss Hai), Flying flower (Ngu “bare”) ), Question number 5 (Hoang Da ge), Judge (Hung perch)…

It can be said that the role that made the most impression on the small screen of martial artist Vu Hai is Hung Ca perch in the movie “The Judge”.

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Master Vu Hai also admitted that “The Judge” was a film that left a lot of impressions. “For the first time, I played a villain, but I was loved by the audience, even there were tears for this character’s image,” – martial artist Vu Hai once said.

Up to now, after 5 years of the show airing, many viewers still remember this role. Hung Ca perch is one of the effective henchmen of tycoon Phan Quan (the late People’s Artist Hoang Dung). When Hung was caught in a labor cycle, tycoon Phan Quan tried to find a way to save him. Out of gratitude, Hung Ca Perch confirmed that he could die for the boss.

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In episode 23 “The Judge”, Hung Ca perch and Luong Bong were the subjects of The Chot’s assassination plan. Hunted by dozens of gangsters at a brother’s house, despite trying to fight back, Hung Ca perch was quickly defeated. Trying to run back to his shack, Hung Ca calmly sat down at the table, finished the bottle of wine and then stabbed himself repeatedly in the chest to death in the presence of the assassins.

Although he ran out of roles from episode 23, since then, Hung has become a symbol of loyalty. The death of Hung Ca perch makes many people think of the saying of tycoon Phan Quan “it is better to die than to be afraid of death”.

Sharing about this expensive scene, martial artist Vu Hai said that it was the director’s intention and he participated in the discussion. Master Vu Hai said that he wanted to clearly portray the character of the martial artist of the character Hung Ca per. “Moreover, I am also an experienced person in the profession, so I understand the psychological development of the character. He is a righteous man, indebted to the boss who saved his life. Detail kneeling on one left leg, bowing when the boss turns to walk away shows absolute loyalty. As for the death of Hung Ca perch, it is clear that it has the direction of the good Han of the past,” said martial artist Vu Hai.

After the role of Hung Ca perch, the last time martial artist Vu Hai returned to the screen was the character Thang in the movie “Flavor of Friendship”. In the film, Thang is the boss of the gang and is in love with Mrs. Sa – the lover of the gang’s juniors. Loved but not reciprocated, Thang raped Ms. Sa to appropriate.

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Although she later became Thang’s wife and shared a daughter, Ms. Sa still had a deep hatred. And the character Thang also died unjustly under the knife of Tan – Mrs. Sa’s lover.

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Although he did not appear much, the character Thang was the bottleneck for the conflicts between the characters Nam (Phuong Oanh) and Thy (Thu Quynh) later.

Assuming that Mr. Sinh – Nam’s father is the enemy to kill his father, Thy hates and intends to take revenge. The character Thang often comes back in the memories of Mr. Sinh, Mr. Tan as well as Mrs. Sa.

Despite suffering from a serious illness, near the end of his life, martial artist Vu Hai often shared old memories while filming. Master Vu Hai’s optimism made his colleagues and fans even more upset and shocked. There is almost no information that he contracted the disease before his death on April 10.

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