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The most “crazy” country for electric cars in the world

NorwayIn the first three months of the year, the Nordic country hit a record with 82.9% of new car sales being pure electric cars, and the champion was the Tesla Model Y.

As more and more countries plan to ban cars with internal combustion engines by the end of 2030, or 2035 or later. But Norway alone wants every new car sold to be electric, by the end of 2025. And the country is very close to that goal.

In 2021, 64.5% of cars sold in Norway are pure electric vehicles, up 10% compared to 2020. At this time, the Nordic country is a leading market for electric vehicles with the beginning of 2022 continuously recording new cars. impressive number. No country has more electric cars sold than petrol cars like Norway.

Range of vehicleSalesMarket share (%)
Pure electricity26,80082.9
Hybrid electric charger (gasoline engine)2.2436.9
Hybrid (gasoline engine)1.1823.7
Oil engine1,0093.1
Gasoline engine1.0103.1
Hybrid electric charger (diesel engine)950.3
Hydrogen gas running30

The Norwegian Road Traffic Information Council (OFV) announced that 82.9% of new vehicle registrations in the first quarter were pure electric. A total of 32,342 new cars were sold in the first quarter, with 26,800 electric vehicles purchased by Norwegians. In the same period of 2021, electric vehicles accounted for only 52% of new car sales.

Also in the first quarter of last year, if electric vehicle sales were nearly 27,000 vehicles, internal combustion engine cars sold only 2,000. It also means that the gap is very close to returning to zero within the next 3 years.

Tesla Model Y - the best-selling king in the electric car segment in Norway.  Photo: Motor

Tesla Model Y – “best-selling king” in the electric car segment in Norway. Image: motor

In March alone, the electric vehicle market share in Norway was 86%, of which Tesla alone accounted for more than 30%. Here is the ranking of 10 best-selling electric cars in the first quarter:

RatingCar modelSalesMarket share (%)
firstTesla Model Y3.30520.4
2Tesla Model 31.69610.4
3Volkswagen ID. 41.1116.8
4Audi Q4 e-tron6674.1
5Hyundai Ioniq 55913.6
6BMW iX5623.5
7Polestar 25493.4
8Volvo XC403863
9Audi e-tron3592.2
tenNissan Leaf3272

Two Tesla products take the top two spots of the Top 10, respectively, with sales overwhelming the rest of the chart. In addition, some new “players” have appeared but have achieved positive results, such as BMW iX.

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