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The son took the 6-point test and was happy to show it off, the mother said a sentence that made him sob

Caring for and educating children is a very long, arduous and challenging journey for any parent. Being too indulgent or too strict is not the best way to raise your child. Instead, many people believe that parents need to be both flexible and patient, but at the same time instructive and strict at the right time.

A story about a boy and his test below will make many people rethink how to raise their children. The boy is in grade 4, his name is Minh. Minh originally did not like Math because numbers made his mind confused and difficult to think, so when it was time to study, he always tried to avoid it.

Because of not studying well, Minh’s Math score is very low, always around 2, 3 points. Seeing that their son had bad results in school, Minh’s parents were very disappointed, sad and scolded him often. Every day, Minh has to listen to scolding and sarcasm from his parents, who is someone’s child like that, you don’t know what to try.

Sad but Minh knows the boy has never tried once. Thinking is doing, Minh rushes to study, determined to strive for the next test. And after that, the boy got 6 Math points, a number that is not big but it proves his efforts and constant striving. The teacher and friends were very surprised, everyone was happy for Minh.

The son took the 6-point test and was happy to show it off, the mother said a sentence and the baby sobbed, from then on, he never tried again - Photo 1.

Don’t turn your child into someone who doesn’t try.

The boy was extremely excited, bringing the test with a happy mood to show his parents.

– Mom, I got 6 points in Math today.

– What do you think, 6 points but also show off. How much can Tu sit next to, still 9?

Minh was silent, didn’t say anything. The boy returned to his room and sobbed, immediately crumpled up the test and threw it in the trash. From then on, Minh never tried again because he knows that what parents need is not to see their children trying, but to be successful like other children. Giving up efforts means that in the future, nothing will go smoothly for the boy.

For children, parents are the only ones who love and support their children unconditionally. If the parents do not recognize the child, the child will grow up to be a person who is always looking for recognition from others, likes to tell his merits. Life is also from there without smooth, not favorable.

Being a parent is inherently difficult, even harder when you want your child to know how to work. Please respect and love your child, accept his flaws, and try to find his strengths to develop. Only then will children share, love and trust their parents, and the future will also be more beautiful and happier. do-ve-sau-khong-bao-gio-co-gang-nua-20220407161353005.chn

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