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Tiet Cuong once secretly loved comedian Viet Huong

Tiet Cuong was once impressed with Viet Huong both in appearance and personality.

Recently, actor information Xue Gang Getting married at the age of 49 attracts a lot of attention. It is known that he held the Vu Quy ceremony on April 10 in Can Tho – the hometown of the bride.

The partner of the 7x male artist named Ngoc Thuong, 23 years old, has a lovely appearance and is not active in the art field. On the big day, the couple received blessings from both sides of the family and friends.

Tiet Cuong also announced the good news and invited some colleagues such as: Cat Tuong, Cat Phuong, Ly Hai – Minh Ha… to attend, but not to share information widely.

Tiet Cuong and the story of a time secretly in love with comedian Viet Huong-1
Tiet Cuong and his wife on the big day.

Tiet Cuong’s real name is Mai Ngoc Cuong, born in 1973 in Long An and studied acting professionally.

When joining the village entertainmentXue Cuong’s name is known by many people when participating in TV series Vocational guidance co-stars: Kinh Quoc, Le Khanh, Khuong Thinh…

In addition to being a familiar face on the screen in the early 2000s, he is also a comedian with humorous and witty acting.

Thanks to his talent and perseverance in pursuing the profession, Tiet Cuong has been honored in a number of awards such as: “Favorite Comedian” at the National Academy of Sciences. Laughing Gala year 2003; “Best Supporting Actor” by HTV Award 2012…

Successful with an acting career, but Tiet Cuong is quite secretive about his private life. Before his relationship with his 26-year-old wife, he only revealed that he secretly loved and missed comedian Viet Huong.

Specifically, when he was in high school in his hometown, Tiet Cuong had his first love with a girl from the same school.

But during 3 years of dating, the two carefree chat, hang out, not once holding hands. When going to Ho Chi Minh City to study at university, the teenage love soon broke up.

During the training process at the School of Theater and Cinema in Ho Chi Minh City, Tiet Cuong encountered Viet Huong in the teaching session of Mr. Cong Ninh. At that time, he was impressed with her by her cute appearance, quite agile personality and stylish clothes.

He used to feel guilty because he was just a poor and shy student, but then Tiet Cuong took all the courage to approach and get acquainted. Viet Huong. During the close months, the male artist hid his secret love for his best friend.

And it was his timidity that made him pity to see Viet Huong being flirted with by an upperclassman. After the failed love affair while sitting in the university lecture hall, Tiet Cuong used to date many other girls.

Tiet Cuong and the story of a time secretly in love with comedian Viet Huong-2
Although not in love, Tiet Cuong and Viet Huong still maintain a close friendship and love each other.

But the irony is that his ex-lover in turn moved abroad to settle down and get married. At the stage where he has a certain position in showbiz, Tiet Cuong no longer mentions love stories but wants to focus on developing his career.

As for the relationship with Viet Huong, the two later loved each other very much and often met in their spare time.

Musician Hoai Phuong – husband Viet Huong also cherishes his wife’s friendship with colleagues and is never jealous when both talk about the past.

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