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Top 5 weirdest phone models of all time

Modern phones are superfluous in terms of configuration in basic designed shapes. However, if we go back to the past, there have been many phones designed with strange shapes and features.

The vast majority of this list are long-dead phones, and they’re all interesting roadblocks to current smartphones in one way or another.

At that time, companies took a lot of risks and worked hard to find the best solutions new idea for users, which leads to some really interesting products based on votes of HowToGeek:

Microsoft Kin

Oddly enough it doesn’t always mean “bad”, but it also doesn’t mean the device was successful. The Microsoft Kin is an odd device that has some interesting ideas. Although it was ultimately a sales failure and died prematurely, it certainly attracted a lot of attention at the time of its release.

Top 5 weirdest phone models of all time - Photo 1

Microsoft Kin has many design trends of Windows Phone


Kin was released at a pretty interesting time. That was right before Microsoft decided to put all its efforts into Windows Phone 7. The user interface on Kin has similar ideas to the finished Windows Phone version, but this is not a smartphone. It’s a basic and cute phone with a sliding keyboard.

However, cuteness is not important. Kin – really a basic product that “died” right from the start.

Motorola Backflip

There are many ways to design a physical keyboard on a phone. You can flip or slide it, and even rotate it. Motorola has used the flip-and-swivel keyboard idea in a very strange way: The keyboard is located on the back of the phone and can be flipped forward.

Top 5 weirdest phone models of all time - Photo 2

Motorola Blackflip with flip key design


A typical flip phone, when folded, the keyboard and screen will be protected by facing each other, when needed, can rotate the screen to the back or rotate around the hinge similar to a laptop. Perhaps one of the reasons for the device to be a thing of the past is that an external keyboard is a bad idea because it is always easy to accidentally touch.


Some really good weird ideas is how Yotaphone has managed to balance the need of reading books and using smartphones on the same device, as well as avoiding high battery consumption on LCD screens. and LEDs. What if you have a low power display that can be used for simple tasks and especially for tasks that need to maintain good battery life as well as protect eyes like… reading.

Top 5 weirdest phone models of all time - photo 3

Yotaphone is a serious but really fun idea


Yotaphone has two screens to solve the above problem. On the front, a typical smartphone screen in full color. On the back, an e-Ink screen like you’d find on a Kindle or other reading device. The idea is that you can save energy and protect your eyes by using an e-ink display. It’s actually a pretty cool idea, but it’s very hard to succeed in terms of revenue.

Toshiba G450

Top 5 strangest phone models of all time - Photo 4

Toshiba G450 is so unique


The Toshiba G450 has numeric keys and the screen is spread out on three circular surfaces and the overall device is shaped like a pea. This is a strange looking phone and easy to hold.

Siemens Xelibri 6

Siemens used to be a successful phone brand in history with many classic models, but perhaps the line of phones under the “Xelibri” brand in 2004 was really the most remarkable at the time of its launch and the strangest of the bunch. is Xelebri 6.

Top 5 weirdest phone models of all time - photo 5

Siemens Xelibri 6


Imagine a phone as a small makeup box. when opened with a mirror literally on one side and a small screen in the middle. The number keys are arranged in an area around the center in the other half of the “clamshell”. In particular, in the bottom center is a small dark yellow navigation button.

Out of all the phones above, perhaps the Siemens Xelibri 6 is the most strangely designed because it is basically designed in a way that transcends the boundaries and has been more or less successful, next to the “music legend” Siemens SL45i.

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