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Update fashion trends through the most stylish girls in New York and Paris

New York and Paris are located on two different continents and thousands of kilometers apart, but they have one thing in common: they are both major fashion capitals of the world. world and where the trendiest trends are born.

New York and Paris are places that some fashionistas consider their second home. And if you love the typical fashion style of both these cities, here are the fashion trends that you can immediately update your wardrobe.

Short skirt

Short skirts have “invaded” every girl’s wardrobe this summer. The liberal girls in New York prefer the “whole tree” style in black with a trench coat.

Meanwhile the classical muses at Paris would love to wear them again oversized shirt and sole sandals platform.

Corset + short skirt hugging is a sexy “couple” that any girl can wear and increase the charm point above the maximum.

Wide leg pants

The dynamism and comfort of the car wide leg pants have made them a favorite of fashionistas in both of the world’s biggest fashion capitals.

Wide leg pants can be combined with many different fashion items: Shirts for work, corsets for going out and T-shirts for going down the street.

Box pants

The version of pocket pants with khaki material and a rainbow strapless top designed from a bandana will give you a new and unique fashion mix.

90’s sunglasses

Sunglasses with rectangular frames that were used by Hollywood stars in the 1900s suddenly became a hot trend again by the most stylish ladies in New York and Paris.

Balmain’s black-eyed sunglasses can make you look “cool” in minutes.

New York is famous for its strong and liberal fashion sense, while Paris girls score points for elegance and classicism. And to reconcile these two factors, the above 4 trends are all you need to remember.

By: Whowhatwear, Elle

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