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US promises to “pump” weapons every day, Russia accuses Ukraine of staging

In an interview with ABC NewsMr. Sullivan said: “The administration of President Joe Biden will send more weapons to Ukraine to prevent Russia from seizing more territory and targeting civilians. We will provide the weapons Ukraine needs to defeat it. Russia. It is Washington’s policy to do whatever it takes to help Ukraine succeed.”

Mr. Sullivan also said that Washington “works continuously to supply weapons every day (to Ukraine) and organizes and coordinates the supply of weapons from many other countries”.

The adviser, along with the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, spoke by phone with top Ukrainian defense officials, discussing the weapons systems proposed by Kiev.

The US promised to pump weapons every day, Russia accused Ukraine of staging - Photo 1.

A Ukrainian soldier holds a Javelin anti-tank missile north of Kiev on March 13. Photo: Reuters

Last week, Reuters Citing White House statistics, the United States has provided about $1.7 billion in military assistance to Ukraine since Russia launched a special military operation on February 24. Weapons shipments include Javelin anti-aircraft missiles, Javelin anti-tank missiles, bulletproof vests and ammunition.

However, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy urged US and European leaders to provide more weapons and heavy equipment amid Russia’s alleged concentration of offensive forces in eastern Ukraine.

“Ukraine can defeat the Russian attack or not depends on whether the US provides weapons quickly or slowly. We can survive or not thanks to this” – radio CBS News quoted Mr. Zelenskiy on April 10.

The US promised to pump weapons every day, Russia accused Ukraine of staging - Photo 2.

Ukrainian troops inspect a destroyed vehicle after the battle in Kharkiv city. Photo: AP

In a related development, the director of the Russian National Center for Defense Management Mikhail Mizintsev warned that “the Ukrainian government with the help of some Western countries is preparing mass killings of civilians to blame.” for the Russian army and the forces of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR).

Mizintsev cited foreign reporters who went to a local hospital in the city of Kremennaya to “record a scene staged by the Ukrainian army in which the Russian army attacked ambulances”. In addition, in the Belogorovka area, “a trap was placed at the water treatment plant, the purpose of which was to blow it up when the forces of the LPR approached”.

Mizintsev added that in the village of Ragovka, Ukraine “staged a search for a mass grave containing the bodies of civilians blamed for the killing of Russian forces by Russian forces”.

On the Ukrainian side, Zelenskiy said on April 10 that Kiev was prepared to resist a potential Russian attack on the eastern region. “We are preparing to respond to their actions. We will respond, actively seeking more weapons and operating in the international sphere, information,” – Mr. Zelenskiy emphasized.

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