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Vietnamese people in the land of birch tell the truth about food scarcity and expensive prices

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has been attracting the world’s attention because of its significant impact on the economy. The question that many people ask and are extremely curious about is how Russia itself will be affected, how will people’s lives be affected? There are even “rumors” that people are without food, and food is expensive. Is this correct?

Recently, a Vietnamese international student living in Russia opened up an objective view of the price situation and “conveniently” brought 200 rubles (equivalent to 56,000 VND) to eat to see if it was possible to have a delicious lunch? And the real answer surprised netizens.


Image of supermarkets in Russia on “storm” days.

Phung An, the girl who owns a TikTok account named @anvuiver with more than 3,000 followers, gave everyone a close look at the price and abundance of food at a supermarket where she lives. Perhaps, the rumor of food scarcity is completely incorrect.

Specifically, in the video, Phung An said: “Let’s have lunch with me and talk about the impact of the embargo from the perspective of consumers and students in Russia. First is the high price of food. For example, normal bananas fluctuate from 60-70 rubles/kg (equivalent to 17,000 VND), when the USD rises, it goes up to 95 rubles (equivalent to 27,000 VND). The increase in food prices leads to an increase in the prices of many items. However, the prices of products such as bread, cereals, nuts, milk… in general remained unchanged.

Foreign students, if they still have USD, can exchange high, so they will not be affected much. But Russians still have the same wages, rising prices make them miserable. However, the government also promptly adjusted the amount of support for households.”

In general, things have passed for a while, and the situation is gradually getting better. The dollar and ruble prices have also almost returned to normal levels. So food prices are adjusted again.”


After that, Phung An talked about buying food in Russia and immediately practiced it by bringing 200 rubles into a pastry and ready-to-eat shop. She said: “Today, with 200 rubles, what healthy food can I eat at the nearest supermarket? Does this bakery look good to everyone? It makes me difficult to choose! Let’s choose the food according to my destiny”.


Then she chooses a cake with a salad that is both delicious, nutritious and extremely healthy for the price of only 50,000 VND. Phung An’s video has attracted nearly 200,000 views after just a few hours of posting.

Previously, Ms. Pham Mai (from Hai Duong), currently living in Russia, also recorded a video showing that supermarkets in Russia are “full” of food, not as scarce as people imagine.


Supermarkets in Russia are “full” of food, not as scarce as people imagine.

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