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What does Hu Truc being “pumped” for 70 years of work force for this person?

Tuesday, April 12, 2022 00:06 AM (GMT+7)

Here are 4 “red numbers” characters who are taught martial arts in the martial arts film Kim Dung.

In Kim Dung’s world, there are people who have to train hard to reach the pinnacle of martial arts. However, there are also many characters who have luck when they become a master in just a moment.

Quach Tinh

Quach Tinh is the main character in the novel “The Condor Heroes” and a supporting character in the “The Condor Heroes”. Writer Kim Dung describes Quach Tinh, although his intellect is not equal to others, even his master sometimes criticizes him for being stupid, not only has his ability to understand martial arts is poor, but he is also stupid in dealing with people and has no heart. muscle, lack of ingenuity, do not know how to calculate for themselves. However, because he did not know how to calculate, he was very industrious and hardworking, so he created a blessing.

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When Quach Tinh and Hoang Dung met Hong That Cong. Initially, Hong That Cong did not want to accept Quach Tinh as a disciple because at that time Guo Jing’s qualifications were very poor. This made Hoang Dung very angry, on the one hand she used a scheme to encourage the general to force Quach Tinh not to give up. On the other hand, Hoang Dung lured Hong That Cong with delicious dishes, so he passed on Hang Long Thap Bat Chuong to his future husband. In other words, if it wasn’t for Hoang Dung’s intervention, Guo Jing would never have thought of the path to becoming a great martial arts master.

In 2003, the film adaptation of the hit novel “The Condor Heroes” by writer Kim Dung created a great fever. Even Kim Dung himself must admit that this is a version that suits him very well and is also very close to the original.

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Ly A Bang and Chau Tan became the classic Quach Tinh – Hoang Dung couple of the Chinese screen.

Actor Ly A Bang successfully portrayed the character, especially Quach Tinh’s naive and sometimes “dumb” features. This character is also highly appreciated by many audiences because not only has the appearance similar to Quach Tinh in the work, but Ly A Bang’s acting and psychological expression of the character is also very delicate. The perfect interaction between Ly A Bang and Chau Tan also helps them become the classic Quach Tinh – Hoang Dung couple of the Chinese screen.

Hu Truc

The 2003 film “Thien Long Bat Bo” built the character Xu Truc (Cao Ho) similar to the original work of writer Kim Dung. Accordingly, Xu Truc was originally a small monk at Shaolin Temple, both his position and martial arts were very low. Although he is the character that writer Kim Dung gives the least acting time, in return he is favored by the author to meet a lot of luck.

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Huu Truc is the character who has the most luck in Kim Dung’s swordplay.

Compared to his fellow subjects, except for his rough and ugly appearance, Hu Truc also has nothing outstanding. However, after making an aimless move just to save the great evil Doan Dien Khanh, he happened to be able to solve the Tran Lung chess position that no one has been able to solve for 30 years.

On the mountain of Doan Du, Murong Fu or Cuu Ma Tri, those who were much wiser than Huu Truc also had to give up. Since then, Huu Truc had a second chance, becoming the Master of the Tieu Dao Sect and was taught by Vo Nhat Tu (who invented the Tran Lung chess position) to practice 70 years of internal practice. Xu Truc from a weak person suddenly became the most powerful person in the world.

In the next adventure, fate came to Hu Truc. Because of his benevolence, he saved the girl who was killed by 36 owners and 72 island owners, who expected it to be the notorious and cruel Thien Son. After that, Huu Truc was coerced by Thien Son to learn superior martial arts such as Kinh Cong, Tieu Vo General Cong or Thien Son extract Mai Thu …

Video: Huu Truc broke Vo Nhat Tu’s leg-long chess position in the 2003 movie “Thien Long Bat Bo”.

After being slaughtered by Thien Son, brought to the ice cellar under the Tay Ha royal palace, Huu Truc was forced to share a bed with a girl whose face and identity are unknown. Unexpectedly, this girl is the princess of Tay Ha. He again became the owner of the Spirit Thuu Cung, gathering the lifelong internal energy of two first-class masters, the fellow sisters of Thien Son and Ly Thu Thuy. Thanks to solving Sinh Tu Phu, Hu Truc saved the lives of 108 owners and island owners and was honored by them as their owners. In the end, he learned more martial arts in Linh Thuu palace. Thus, Huu Truc became the person who had everything, from position, fame to family.

Doan Du

Doan Du is the main character appearing in the work “Thien Long Bat Bo”. He is the crown prince of Dali, usually only passionate about poetry and poetry, not martial arts. Therefore, although Doan Gia is one of the biggest families of Trung Nguyen martial arts, Doan Du has nothing to do with martial arts. It wasn’t until Cuu Ma Tri went to Dali to rob Lu Mo of the divine sword and kidnap Duan Yu to Jiangnan that his martial arts adventure began.

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The image of Doan Du of actor Lam Chi Dinh in “Thien Long Bat Bo” 2003 version.

On the way to Van Kiep Coc to find Chung Linh’s parents, he fell into the Infinite Cave. Here, Doan Du was lucky to find two sets of superior martial arts secrets: Bac Minh canon and Lang Ba Vi Bo. At Thien Long Pagoda, before burning the Luc Mach Divine Sword to avoid falling into the hands of the evil monk Cuu Ma Tri, Zen master Kho Vinh had time to instruct Doan Du how to practice. All the first martial arts came to him by accident.

Thanks to Bac Minh’s magic, Doan Du absorbed the internal power of seven disciples of the Infinite Sword, Doan Dien Khanh, Hoang My Tang, Diep Nhi Nuong, Nam Hai Ngac Than, Van Trung Hac, etc. practice by Khuu Ma Tri. Later, it was thanks to his powerful internal skills that helped him use the powerful Luc Mach sword.

Video: Doan Du can practice the Tomb of Three Vi Bo, Bac Minh canon and Van poison invulnerable

At the battle on Thieu That Mountain, Doan Dien Khanh and Khuu Ma Tri, when they witnessed Doan Du use the Luc Mach Divine Sword, had to confirm that although he had not yet mastered his cultivation, as long as he had expert guidance, he would become a hero. become the first world.

Order Ho Chong

If you’re a fan of the movie “Tieu arrogant Gypsy”, perhaps the audience can’t help but know about Steaming Star Dafa – a martial art that makes the heroes on the Gypsy both terrified and despised. Because of the nature of ordinary martial arts, only hurting the opponent, but Absorbing Dafa is a subject of absorbing the opponent’s internal work, taking the enemy’s as your own.

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Ngam Nga Hanh was the one who passed on the great Dharma of steaming to his son-in-law, Lenh Ho Chong.

In the 2000 version of the classic, the main character Linghu Chong was played by actor Li Yapeng. He accidentally learned the Great Law of Steaming after being tricked by “father-in-law” Nham Nga Hanh to substitute himself in prison. Especially after learning the basic mind-dharma of this martial art, Linghu Chong can drain the superior internal strength of martial arts masters in just one touch.

The disadvantage of this martial art technique is that although it attracts the opponent’s internal force into itself, those true qi are not of the same origin, cannot be reconciled with each other. . Each release makes the practitioner painful and miserable like being possessed by a fire pipe.

Top 4 heroes "red numbers"  Best movie Kim Dung: Hu Truc is "pump"  70 years of work is nothing to this person?  - 7

Ling Ho Chong was the only one who had the opportunity to learn the great Dharma of Steaming.

It is also because of this point that Nham Nga Hanh died suddenly due to the true qi that he had collected in his life. Leng Ho Chong almost followed in the footsteps of Nham Nga Hanh, but was luckier because Master Phuong Cong taught the superior internal practice of Buddhism, the Dich Can Kinh, which could neutralize the heterogeneous air currents in his body. .

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