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Why is morning sickness heavy during pregnancy?

What should I do if I am pregnant and have severe morning sickness, fear of smell and dizziness? (Hoang Mai)


Morning sickness is a fairly common symptom of pregnancy. Usually, morning sickness occurs before the 9th week of pregnancy and ends before 12-14 weeks. However, there are some cases where morning sickness lasts for several months and possibly throughout pregnancy.

The fetus is a foreign object for the mother’s body, so the mother must get used to it by the body will secrete some hormones of pregnancy, causing many common symptoms called morning sickness. . Morning sickness usually does not affect the fetus, on the contrary, morning sickness also shows that the fetus is developing well, the placenta increases the secretion of some hormones such as BhCG, estrogen into the mother’s blood and causes morning sickness. However, if the pregnant woman has too much morning sickness and loses weight, it can cause the baby to be born with low birth weight. In addition, in some cases of pregnant women who are having morning sickness suddenly stop their morning sickness, they should go back to the doctor to check the pregnancy status.

When having morning sickness, some pregnant women become sensitive to some smells, some can’t eat anything because eating will cause nausea or vomiting… In case of morning sickness, lose a lot of weight, or vomit all of it. what you eat, or show signs of dehydration because you can’t drink anything…, you will have to be hospitalized for a doctor to restore fluids, electrolytes and develop a suitable diet. At the same time, we will have to find other causes. For example, pregnant women with hyperthyroidism also have similar symptoms or it is an abnormal pregnancy; In the case of an egg pregnancy, pregnant women will also experience severe morning sickness.

For the other case, it means that you do not have diseases that cause such severe morning sickness symptoms, or this morning sickness has not severely affected your health, then we must change the diet. . Split water meals, drink small sips; Eat foods that are easy to digest instead of foods that are too greasy and spicy, because they are easy to cause vomiting. Ginger can be sliced ​​thinly or pounded and mixed with water to make you feel comfortable.

If, after changing your diet, your condition still does not improve, your doctor will prescribe medications to reduce morning sickness.

BS.CKI Tran Lam Khoa
Doctor at Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology, Tam Anh General Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City

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