Windows 11 finally has two most requested features

After a series of famous applications such as Paint and Notepad were put on a new interface, now the Windows file manager, File Explorer, also has an extremely handy tabbed management feature and the Start Menu has changed. modified according to the user’s request.

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In addition, Windows 11 also has a few new features to increase its appeal to people with hearing impairments.

File Explorer finally has tabbed window management

We live in a complex world with a lot of data to deal with, but Windows’ default folder and file management tools just don’t seem to be keeping up, if not outdated. Having too many File Explorer windows will make it difficult for users to navigate and arrange them, making the interface cluttered.

For a long time, third-party file manager vendors have introduced tabbed file and folder management like a web browser to increase user convenience.

Windows 11 finally has two most requested features - Photo 2.

And now after so many years, File Explorer finally has tabbed file and folder browsing in the latest Windows 11 update. Microsoft said that users can use a single window to manage all folders. Of course, in addition to allowing general management of a tab, Microsoft still offers separate management options for each window.

Start Menu adds folders to organize apps

One of the biggest complaints about Windows 11’s new Start Menu is its massive disruption.

The new Start Menu is designed to force users to use its built-in search function instead of letting them scroll through a list or grid of apps and files. You can pin apps to the top, but you’re limited to a few apps. This design change makes it impossible to even group apps the way you want, which has been the case since Windows 95.

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Microsoft is finally bringing that app pooling feature, which we first saw earlier this year in a preview build.

Windows 11’s new Start Menu now lets you group apps into separate folders, making it easy to link unrelated products by their task or theme. Some users may still not like the new Start Menu but at least it is improving towards listening to users.

Live Captions

Windows is generally considered a working operating system and is used in office or productivity activities.

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Of course, this operating system is also for entertainment, including watching videos, not to mention the times when you may need to stream video to work remotely. Microsoft wants to improve this experience for users with hearing difficulties through the launch of a new Live Captions accessibility tool.

Inspired by mobile platforms, Windows 11 will soon have a Live Caption system that works with whatever audio is playing on your PC, no matter where it’s coming from.

In addition to the above features, there are many other auxiliary features for users such as Focus Time to increase focus on work and avoid being bothered by notifications. Or features to help control privacy for video chats such as noise filtering, background blur, etc.

All of these features will be available in the next Windows 11 update soon, but it’s unclear when Microsoft will roll them out.

New features are expected to be available on Windows 11 soon

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