Your excessive love makes me live in hell

He never quarreled or scolded me, was always kind and kind. I felt suffocated with his fiery love for me.

Appearing at the Islamic court in Fujairah, the wife said her husband never quarreled or scolded her, and was always so kind and kind. However, it is his excessive love that makes her life “hell”.

She said “love and romantichis compassion was over the top”, so she decided to file for divorce.

“I felt suffocated with his burning love for me,” said the wife.

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In a year of living together, the couple has never raised their voice, especially the husband is always gentle and selfless. When his wife complained about his husband’s weight, this man adhered to a diet and exercise regimen to the point of breaking one leg.

The wife said that she was also bored when her husband repeatedly praised, encouraged and gave too many gifts.

“I always look forward to one day friction, but with my romantic husband, it seems impossible. He always forgives, gives me gifts every day. I need a real exchanges, even quarrels, not this quiet life of obedience.” she declared.

Meanwhile, the husband begs the judge to deny his wife’s divorce petition.

“It’s really unfair to judge a marriage for the first year alone, and everyone learns from their mistakes. I’ve always wanted to be a good and perfect husband. wife’s good”, I said.

The Fujairah Court adjourned the case to give the couple a chance to resolve the dispute on their own.

The golden rule of a happy marriage

1. Do housework together

Housework is often seen as a minor issue and it seems to be implicitly understood that it is a woman’s responsibility. It only takes 10 minutes to wash the dishes, change diapers, and half an hour to clean up or check on your child’s homework. But this “few minutes” task can destroy the happiness of many modern families.

Famous three-time Oscar-winning director Ang Lee once said, a really good man doesn’t help his wife with housework. Since housework should be shared, there shouldn’t be two words of help in it.

According to this director, in order to have a good family relationship, don’t compare who does more, who does less. It’s not like a master-servant relationship, where it’s the wife’s responsibility to take care of the children, wash the dishes, and cook. Sharing housework with his wife is something a husband should do to keep the family fire.

A long-lasting marriage is not only based on love and mutual respect, but also on the participation of both husband and wife in housework.

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2. Add spice to life

A marriage that goes on the same way day in and day out can lead to boredom and dissatisfaction. That is why fresher relationships attract and draw men away from their families.

Try to create new things like go to dinner at a strange restaurant, or go on a trip to a new land together. Discoveries and experiences two people make together help bring about more sharing and closeness.

3. Regularly communicate and warm up the couple’s love

No matter how tired or busy you are, a husband and wife should take time before going to bed to tell each other what happened at work today, how the children are, whether there is any joy or not. Sometimes, it’s just very trivial stories, but that habit will make the couple’s feelings closer and understand each other better.

Marriage is not about one person. Whether male or female, everyone wants to be loved, no one wants to “turn” themselves into an oasis.

Two people who communicate by spirit and interest in life will have a lasting marriage. And if they live under the same roof, but the husband and wife lose the motivation to communicate, the home is as cold as an ice cellar, such a marriage is difficult to maintain.

4. Stay together, play together

Find a sport or hobby you both love to do together. Camping, cycling, swimming, gym… anything as long as you both enjoy it. These will bring two people together in a shared interest.

5. Acknowledge the other person’s contribution

Being understood is the safest feeling in a marriage. That’s when the wife sees her husband’s devotion and the man realizes his wife’s hard work.

Marriage requires a wife to be considerate of her husband’s pressures and feelings, not cause unreasonable trouble. It also requires the husband to respect his wife’s contribution, share the housework as much as possible, and pay more attention to her.

6. Distance ignites the flame of love

Maintain friendship with friends from high school, college and sometimes go out with friends or go on vacations with colleagues at work.

Going out without your spouse will help you miss your other half more, and if not, at least you can have a good time with your friends to come back fresh and full of life.

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