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2 mistakes when using sunscreen cause collagen reduction, darkening

Sunscreen Used by many women as an extremely important skin care step before leaving the house. It is like an “armor” that protects our skin from damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays, including UVA and UVB rays from sunlight. In particular, in the hot summer days, UV rays are especially harmful, so the use of sunscreen every day must be enhanced.


However, do we always need to wear sunscreen? How should sunscreen be used for the product to work properly and not to damage the skin?

1. Apply sunscreen when the skin has inflammatory acne, open wounds

According to BSCKII dermatology Nguyen Phuong Thao (Professional director of Pensilia cosmetic dermatology clinic system): When applying sunscreen, it is necessary to weigh the benefits and harms. If the skin is inflamed or has open wounds, using sunscreen will contribute to clogging the pores more, not to mention the active ingredients in sunscreen can irritate the skin. Therefore, if it is possible to block the sun with a mask, it is still a safe choice when the skin has an open wound.

If it is impossible to cover the mask when applying sunscreen, wash your face again after 3-4 hours and if necessary, reapply a second time, do not let the sunscreen stay on the skin for too long.

2. Use sunscreen but forget to use it sun mask

Women who go out on hot sunny days should not only apply sunscreen but also use a sunscreen mask. If you do not do these 2 steps, the effectiveness is not high, can create free radicals in the skin and break down collagen.

In sunlight, there are many light spectrums that are harmful to the skin such as: UVA, UVB and especially the visible light spectrum, also known as visible light.

UVB will make your skin sunburn, and UVA will be more dangerous because it can go deep into the dermis of the skin and destroy collagen. Visible light will cause skin tanning, redness, skin aging.


According to Dr. Thao, sunscreen masks should choose the type made by knitting silk threads tightly and crisscrossing many layers to block rays in the sun. To check if the type of mask you use can provide good sun protection, you can use a very strong light source, place it close and shine it under your mask. Check to see if the light source penetrates the layers of fabric. If there is light, it does not block rays, if there is no light, it does not block rays well.

How to apply sunscreen correctly?

– As recommended by Dr. Thao, 30 minutes before going out, you should apply sunscreen. Depending on how long the SPF can maintain sun protection, it must be reapplied (sun protection time = SPFx10 minutes). Note, before reapplying a new layer, you should wash your face.

– When choosing a sunscreen, you should choose a sunscreen with full sun protection, including SPF (anti-UVB), PA (anti-UVA), HER Vi (anti-visible light), IR (anti-infrared). ).

Normally, the amount of sunscreen with 1 knuckle is enough to cover the entire face.

Remember to apply sunscreen around the eye area: The eye area is a very sensitive skin area and is easily caught by sunlight. When the sun shines on that sensitive and fragile skin, the skin is very prone to wrinkles or sagging, excess skin.


– Women who are indoors, in a closed room, if they can’t see the sun, they may not need to apply sunscreen.

– In cases where it is not necessary to apply sunscreen, dermatologists advise against exposing skin to the outside environment. Instead, you should choose for your skin a cream suitable for the nature of your skin. If dry skin lacks moisture, apply moisturizer, if oily skin needs more drying, you can choose a cream with ingredients B3, Azelaic Acid, Glycolic Acid. Using the right cream will help the skin retain moisture, avoid dehydration of the epidermis causing darkening, the skin will not lose water will stretch, reduce wrinkles most significantly. collagen-khien-lan-da-sam-den-fast-lao-hoa-20220411011422311.chn

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