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20 days through Vietnam with pet cats

If 5 times through Vietnam before Minh went “mortal” and worked at the same time, this time with a cat, Minh chose to enjoy each place.

Mai Do Minh (29 years old) lives and works freelance in Ho Chi Minh City. During the Covid-19 epidemic, he participated in many volunteer activities everywhere. During a trip to give gifts to the homeless on a rainy day, Minh discovered that there was a cat “sick and ugly” in a nearby tree, but he loved it so much that he picked it up to take care of it.

Minh and his pet cat check-in at the legendary M-shaped street in Ha Giang.

Minh and his pet cat check-in at the legendary M-shaped street in Ha Giang.

Due to the habit of regularly walking on the street, Minh discovered that his cat is very brave, capable of going further with his owner. And having never seen anyone bring a cat across Vietnam, Minh came up with the idea with the cat to make a long trip from South to North to explore as many places as possible in more than 20 days.

After a long time participating in anti-epidemic support activities in Ho Chi Minh City and some southwestern provinces, Minh and two friends and a cat set off on two motorbikes in early 2022. Departing from Ho Chi Minh City, the group of friends go to Binh Thuan, Dak Lak, Dak Nong. However, when reaching Dak Nong, a friend fell from his car, so he could not continue and had to return to Ho Chi Minh City.

From Dak Nong, only Minh and his kitten remained, so he temporarily bought a motorbike to move to Da Nang and the South Central provinces such as Phu Yen, Quang Ngai, and Quang Nam. After having fun in Da Nang, the motorbike was also resold. Minh chose to take a bus from Da Nang to Hanoi. The journey from Hanoi to the northern provinces such as Ninh Binh, Lao Cai, Ha Giang … the cat and the owner mostly take passenger cars to the place and rent a car at the point to visit.

The most difficult thing in long-term travel with cats is that Minh has to find garages that agree to carry pets. He was rejected many times because the garages were afraid or abstain from bringing cats. In return, the cat is easy to raise, so eating and cleaning on the road is very gentle.

The time Minh went to coincide with the time of Covid-19 was no longer too stressful, the pace of local life gradually returned and tourist attractions also welcomed guests. Because of that, there are few tourists and the price of rooms and entrance tickets is much reduced, Minh has the opportunity to go with the cat and take pictures comfortably without the crowds.

Pet cat on the way to discover Ly Son.

Pet cat on the road wandering Ly Son island.

Minh said: “I have traveled through Vietnam 5 times, including two times riding a bicycle, twice riding a motorbike and once riding a truck. The biggest difference compared to previous times is that I only took a few million dong in my pocket. corporal tourism, on the way to work, go there. Meanwhile this time I have 20 million dong ready to spend because I don’t want my pet cat to suffer.”

In more than 20 days traveling from South to North, some memorable memories are Minh taking the cat to take the cable car to the top of Fansipan, Lao Cai, wandering the roads in the rocky region of Ha Giang and paragliding in the hills together. Bu, Hanoi. Minh confidently said, this is probably the first cat in Vietnam to go through Vietnam and experience those things. A special feature is that the cat rides a cable car, paraglider, or ocean ship very naturally, without fear.

If you want to take your cat out as far as Minh, you have to test if they can handle it by taking small, short trips with a distance of less than 100 km, watching the cat’s reaction and adaptability.

Xuyen Viet with a pet cat with 20 million dong

Minh and his cat paragliding on Bu Hill in Hanoi.

Travel expenses for Minh and his pet cat by turn:

Ho Chi Minh City – Mui Ne: 500,000 VND.

Mui Ne – Buon Ma Thuot: 1 million VND.

Buon Ma Thuot – Phu Yen: 500,000 VND.

Phu Yen – Ly Son: 2.5 million VND.

Ly Son – Hoi An – Da Nang: 2 million VND.

Da Nang – Hanoi (by bus): 380,000 VND.

Hanoi – Ha Giang: 3.5 million VND.

Hanoi – Sapa: 3 million VND.

Hanoi – Doi Bu paragliding: 2 million VND.

Hanoi – Ninh Binh: 1 million VND.

Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City: 1 million VND.

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Image: Mai Do Minh

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