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3-year-old daughter was kidnapped, parents found her after 1 hour but did not recognize her

April 12, 2022 13:07 GMT+7

The mother recounted her memorable experience when her daughter was kidnapped right in front of her in the supermarket.

Although society is developing day by day, child trafficking is still increasing and shows no sign of stopping. According to news site Sohu, a woman shared a situation where her daughter almost fell into the hands of traffickers on social networks and received a lot of attention from parents.

In particular, she also gave warned about a super-sophisticated trick of the criminals, even putting her in danger of never getting her daughter back.

Specifically, Amei recalled that that day, the family was taking their 3-year-old daughter to the supermarket. While the supermarket was crowded, Amei put her daughter in the cart to let her father push the cart, while I went to another stall to buy things.

However, in an inadvertent minute, Amei and her husband discovered that their daughter had disappeared from the stroller. Despite being extremely scared, Amei still told herself to stay calm and try to find the fastest solution.

3-year-old daughter was kidnapped, found after 1 hour, but her parents did not recognize her: Warning of the most sophisticated SCAM today - Photo 1.

Criminals often take advantage of crowded places to kidnap children (artwork)

Amei said that the supermarket was at rush hour, so she could not find her daughter in a short time. Therefore, she told her husband to run to the guard and ask for help. Meanwhile, she went to ask the people around, hoping to receive information about the child.

A woman told Amei that she saw a man in a hat very suspicious. He was carrying a child who bore many similarities to her daughter and was in a hurry to leave the supermarket.

Because of that, Amei was even more convinced that her daughter had fallen into the hands of traffickers. She took out her phone and dialed the number to call the police. In addition, she also showed her daughter’s photo to the people present in the supermarket and asked them to inform the people around.

Only a short time later, security staff and police quickly approached the supermarket, sealed off the sales area, and carefully checked the entrance. Police and a large number of people coordinated the search, and finally discovered a sleeping child in the corner of the supermarket.

3-year-old daughter was kidnapped, found after 1 hour, but parents did not recognize her: Warning of the most sophisticated SCAM today - Photo 3.

The police quickly approached the supermarket quickly (illustration image)

When Amei and his wife approached the child, she immediately denied that it was not her daughter. The child standing in front of him had the short hair of a boy, and his face and clothes were completely different from the original appearance of Amei’s daughter when she first entered the supermarket.

However, after she calmed down, Amei discovered that this was just the child’s outer disguise. Amei was startled to realize that, although she no longer had a ponytail and a pretty flower dress, the “boy” standing in front of her wasn’t a 3-year-old girl?

Even when the doctor carried out a physical examination, the girl showed signs of delirium and did not recognize her parents. It turned out that she had been injected with a sedative by the traffickers, causing her to no longer control her perception.

The police and those present could not help but be shocked, in a short time, Amei’s daughter’s appearance and perception had completely changed. Many people said that if Amei did not react quickly and the security team did not reach the scene in time, perhaps the child would never be able to be reunited with the family.

Amei said that with her daughter’s strange appearance, perhaps if she passed the child, she would not be able to easily receive the child. In fact, human trafficking is not only increasing in number, but criminals also use many sophisticated tricks to bypass the police and investigation units. To protect children, parents need to watch their children carefully, and at the same time raise children’s awareness to avoid being kidnapped.

Source: Sohu

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