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5 years of marriage is still sweet until she borrows her husband’s phone-Young friend

Tuesday, April 12, 2022 16:00 PM (GMT+7)

Borrowing her husband’s phone to order an item, she discovered a truth she didn’t expect.

5 years of marriage is still sweet until she borrows her husband's phone - 1

Both she and he had sufferings in their hearts. (Illustration)

Fast love, quick marriage and a happy 5 year marriage

At the age of 18, she broke up with her first love, which severely affected her feelings. The first emotional shock causes pain and loneliness to come every night. To combat these negative emotions, she started talking more to strangers online. That was also when she met her husband later.

After only a week of talking, the two met outside. 3 months later, she decided to marry this man.

Her post-marital life is very happy. The husband goes to work to earn money, is responsible for taking care of the children, knows how to help his wife with housework. She thought that she was very lucky to have met him and felt pampered like a princess. She is afraid of the dark, he will accompany her to the toilet at night. What she wants to eat, he will buy it right away. Every month, he automatically handed over his salary, not keeping a single penny for himself. No matter how angry and irritable she was, he always kept calm. In this way, she had a happy marriage for 5 years, making those around her jealous.

Everything seems to show that she is having a dream marriage. However, a message appeared that broke all her sweetness and happiness.

That day, her phone ran out of battery but wanted to order food, so she borrowed her husband’s phone. When I was ordering food, a message popped up: “Husband, I miss you”.

She never thought her husband would have an affair. In her eyes, her husband has an unattractive appearance, and his working capacity is not too excellent. She tried to think if her husband had something attractive to other women while having a wife and children but couldn’t find it.

However, it was clear that the truth in front of her eyes was that there was a woman who liked her husband. She dazedly did not believe this fact.

Hurt hearts no one understands

In her memory, her mother was an unhappy woman. She took out all her suffering and unhappiness on her daughter. Because of that, she never felt any positive emotions from her mother.

Children always believe what their parents say, not knowing the truth. The distorted views her mother planted in her daughter’s head caused her to have a distorted view of emotions. Gradually, in her mind, a thought that everyone has a better life than her, her existence is a shame.

When a child does not feel love from their parents, they will not know how to love themselves. When she was growing up, a boy told her to dress warm when it’s cold, she mistakenly thought it was the most beautiful love in the world. The desire to be loved makes her fall in love soon and quickly get married in order to be away from her family.

When a broken heart is lit with a ray of hope about love, she doesn’t care if the other person lies or deceives her, she just wants someone to treat her well. Obviously she didn’t love him, he wasn’t the ideal type of lover. The only thing she saw in him was kindness. His kindness filled the void in which she was not loved by her mother.

As long as he treats her well, she will marry him. She just wanted to enjoy all his good things but didn’t want to reciprocate.

As for you, a man who doesn’t find his worth.

He grew up in a family with very controlling parents. Even when he was an adult, they still yelled at him and manipulated his life to their liking.

Growing up in such an environment, he had to learn to be independent, to hide his true feelings, to pretend that he was fine. Because he lived with his grandparents, he realized that he had to be reasonable and obedient to get attention. Deep down, he didn’t find his own worth.

When he meets her – someone who needs love, the ego that wants to take care of others rises, is asserted. He never dared to admit that he was also someone who needed to be taken care of. He realized this woman needed to be loved and he was the one who could fill the hole in her heart.

During the marriage, he tries to please and take care of her. He gave her a home, a happy marriage, satisfying all her needs. However, deep in his heart, she did not make him feel happy.

In 5 years, he became an ideal husband, giving only and expecting nothing in return. He had always tried to do his best and probably never thought he would have an affair.

However, he still fell in love with another person, someone who gave him a sense of self-worth.

When looking at this marriage, it’s not balanced. One side demands child-like love, the other tries to find self-worth by giving. When the balance is tilted more and more, the husband is too tired.

At this moment, a woman approached and expressed admiration for him. He first tasted the sweetness of being recognized by others, then gradually got bogged down in the mud of stealth despite the risks.

In this extramarital affair, he doesn’t need to prove his worth by giving, he needs love and validation – something his wife can’t give. He found those things in a woman other than his wife. In the end, he feels like a real man when he’s with other people.

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