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8 principles to have a neat wardrobe

Organizing a messy closet can make your day a little more pleasant.

Experts advise, the first step to creating a useful wardrobe is to get rid of all the things you don’t love or don’t use often.

Naeemah Ford Goldson, expert in layout and arrangement, in the US, suggests a general rule for purifying items: If you haven’t worn it in a year, give it away. If something doesn’t fit, doesn’t reflect who you are now, donate.

Illustration: The Container Store

Illustration: The Container Store

Experts offer a few tips for organizing wardrobes, which can be applied to all types of cabinets of different sizes.

Determine the target: Ask why you’re rearranging your wardrobe. Because you want to be neat, save time or aesthetic. “Once you know why you need to organize, it’s easier to figure out how to fit your needs,” says Goldson.

Considerations before buying new: Once you’ve removed all the things you don’t need, take a close look at what’s left and plan for storage. Organizer Beth Penn says that without an inventory you won’t know what you’re stocking up on. In the end, you can buy things that don’t fit.

Choose streamlined tools: For small cabinets, invest in the most space-saving storage devices. Buy thin hangers and shelves, instead of bulky wooden crates with drawers.

Arrange so that it is easy to see, easy to get: Debbie Harwin, life organization and mastery expert, recommends organizing your wardrobe so that it’s easy to see and get to. For example, you’ll be more likely to see sweaters when they’re stacked in shelves, rather than stacked in boxes. Try to put things in the same group in one place.

Make the most of every space in the cabinet: American consultant Julie Morghenstern recommends using hooks inside doors for more hanging space. You should also hang clothes of the same size group together, to take advantage of the space under the short clothes.

Consider using vertical space: Not everything you’re hanging has to hang. Sometimes folding it up and storing it in a rack frees up precious space for the things you really need.

Experiment: New arrangements should be tested for at least a few weeks to see which solution actually meets the goals. You should be patient and not be too hard on yourself. Clutter doesn’t build up in a day, so it takes more than a day to get it under control.

Let’s love: Arranging messy furniture can be stressful and bring a lot of negative emotions. Therefore, you should be kind to yourself, think about the results to be motivated to do it.

Last but not least, don’t put off rearranging your wardrobe because you think where you live is temporary. Treat every space you live in fairly. Because even temporarily, cleaning helps you form good habits, eliminating disorganized habits when moving into your dream home.

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